Assassin's Creed Unity Will Reward Stealthy Players; Loot Bar and Hour Long Tutorial Detailed

Assassin's Creed Unity will be rewarding stealthy and cunning players with more loot. In coop heist missions, players can keep track of how well they are doing with the help of the loot bar. And Assassin's Creed fans show off their cosplay skills and we get a new interview from the Senior Producer.

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Big_Game_Hunters1502d ago

Instead of rewarding stealth, why not makevthe game impossible to beat without, yaknow actually turn a game about assassins into a stealth game.

gamerfan09091502d ago

I hate purely stealth games. If they ever did that I'd simply stop buying them.

700p1501d ago

Same here. This is great news for the players that are stealthy though.

skulz71502d ago

They have said countless number of times that fighting more than 3 guards will likely lead to death. Do your research before commenting.

Eamon1502d ago

So they say. But with every AC entry, the combat had remained virtually the same. I look at ACU vids and I'm still convinced combat hasn't changed.

That doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to this game. The new parkour and stealth mechanics look amazing.

GusBricker1502d ago

Just drop a smoke bomb and unleash hell. Like every other AC game.

GameSpawn1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

If you have played Wolfpack in AC3 or AC4 you'd realize why they have a system to reward stealth and punish chaos.

I ended up playing Wolfpack alone more often than not because d-bags would just run through it like headless chickens and kill one target after another without taking time to "sneak" up on the targets and build their score meter. Wolfpack CANNOT be won by quantity over quality of kills. As a result in games with people who didn't understand how to take it slow and stealthy the game would run out of time and you'd be lucky to get past stage 8 (and it would STILL waste a half hour of your time).

Every stage of Wolfpack can be completed (even by yourself) within 30 minutes or less if you maximize your score meter and get every bonus when you have the chance. Hell you can bypass the first 4-5 stages on the first kill by maximizing the meter and getting the first two bonuses (usually it is lock on and kill your target while blending).

Hopefully Unity's co-op will prevent d-bag behavior and lead to an ultimately enjoyable game.

And sadly for those that think Assassin's Creed is about being an unstoppable chaotic menace -- I think you missed the original game's message. Being able to take out armies of guards was meant to be a one-time thing towards the end -- up to that point you were intended to be a ghost and take out each target as quietly as possible (story permitting). Originally you were encouraged to AVOID confrontation. Somewhere along the lines of each sequel that message got lost.

skulz71502d ago

I love that about AC 1 - it was a proper "assassin simulator"

Good news is that the game is being heavily inspired by AC 1.

1502d ago