Persona 5 PS4: Can I Toss My PS3?

It was once a PS3 exclusive, but now that Persona 5's coming to PS4, can we cut the cord on last gen?

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killacal132606d ago

Atari 4 ever yeaaah. JK
I think the ps3 has a littlebit more life to it still, but these kind of ports are making it easier for people to move on to something better without leaving gems of the past in the past. PERSONA 5 PS4, Awesomeness!

NewMonday2606d ago

now the last game I want on the PS3 is Tales of Zestiria, after that and clearing my backlog I will be done with it.

mikeslemonade2606d ago

I dropped the clunky PS3 along time ago. I was even playing the 360 late last generation. I couldn't stand the slow UI.

styferion2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

It's still got Ar Nosurge, Fairy Fencer F, Natural Doctrine, P4 Arena Ultimax, Tales of Zestiria, and KH 2.5 for me to play before I let it rest. Also still got many backlog games, those JRPG takes so long to finish let alone getting platinum..

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hkgamer2606d ago

think it may actially be time to let last gen rest. these bunch of games getting released for last gen should be the last batch.

seems like most people have moved on.

killacal132606d ago

No man, just a percentage have moved on, but this news about Persona 5 coming to PS4 is a great way to get people on this side of the fence.

hkgamer2605d ago

sorry, i meant devs and publishers have moved on.

Spotie2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Most people?

When did the sales for this gen hit 200 million?

There's still plenty of games for me to pick up, like BlazBlue. I've got an extensive backlog to catch up on. Besides, I regularly go back to play old stuff. Just finished my second playthrough of Parasite Eve, and now continuing my second of Legendia.

Think my PS3 will be around got a while yet.

hkgamer2605d ago

most people as mean devs.

ea will still make sports games but i doubt anything after hardline will support previous gen.

s-e/eidos is tr going to previous gen? cant remember

ubi well they split ac up, but this could very well be the last.

activision. well cod not going to be last gen so thats a big move.

and where did you get that ridiculous 200 million number from? but anyway, my fault for not explaining that i meant devs or publishers.

colonel1792606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I'm so glad P5 is coming to PS4! I only have to play Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and I won't need a PS3 anymore. I don't actually have one, but I'll borrow a friend's PS3 to play it. However, it would be difficult to get one when P5 comes out, since my friend will be selling his PS3 to buy a PS4.

kratoz12092606d ago

Tales of zestria and kh2.5

Still waiting for those

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The story is too old to be commented.