10 Reasons You Should Avoid The Sims 4

Beyond the obvious flaws, it seems EA has finally used their dark powers to corrupt the soul of Maxis completely, and frankly, there aren’t a lot of nice words about those companies further in this article, so in the unlikely scenario you do happen to be an employee of either behemoth, you may want to give this article a skip… 'Cause The Sims 4 is awful.

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BrandanT1505d ago

I'm guessing because I haven't read the article; I bet one of the reasons is or of relation to the fact of it being an EA game.

Randostar1505d ago

Well all of the reasons the article writer mentioned were to blame on EA maxis, They really screwed the pooch on this and Simcity.
Its full of bugs.
Its barebones so you will have to buy DLC to actually get something out of it.
Its the usual EA mess.

Dee_911504d ago

" may seem strange when worded that way, but essentially they’re saying that your babies can no longer crawl the walls like Xenomorphs and nest inside random bits of furniture, creating infinite babies to overwhelm society. "

I almost spit my water out. lol

Kryptonite42O1504d ago

Haha, indeed that is one of the reasons..

I wont be surprised if EA takes the title of the worst company in US for another year in a row.

Razputin1504d ago

I've condensed this hot list to one reason.

1) EA is the publisher and made Maxis strip down and rush this game, to milk it at as much as possible.

Sims 1 still the best, 2 was fantastic 3 was a huge cash in.

CRASHBASHUK1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

just waiting for the reviews from IGN and GT
as a Sims fan I will be missing 4 on pc might get it on console that's all
I see what they are doing remove stuff and make you buy with EPs etc £££ that should of been in the base game better make it a free update too with the missing stuff

Scatpants1504d ago

Because the sims is more boring than watching grass grow and paint drying at the same time.

aLiEnViSiToR1504d ago

The Sims 4 is a great example of how greedy game company's/developers are and just how ignorant and indoctrinated some consumers have become, this has to change soon or it will spread like a plague.

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