MWO Devs Announce New Game - Being Called Out By Community For Not Delivering What They Had Promised

DSOGaming writes: "Well, talk about frustrating and betraying your fan-base. Piranha Games, creators of MechWarrior Online, has revealed that it is currently working on a new sci-fi game. This should be good news, right? Apparently not as MechWarrior Online still lacks features that were promised a year ago, and is still considered an unfinished product."

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crazysammy1503d ago

This is sadly the realty we are creating with all of the "early access" and Beta buy ins. The only way it will stop if we speak with our money. Stop supporting this business practice.

Elit3Nick1503d ago

The game was free to play to begin with, so it's their own fault for spending money on it before Community Warfare is fully implemented

Emme1502d ago

If its free to play, what do You exspect ?