Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 Review. Blood, Sweat, and Fun?

Wolfenstein: The New Order is great fun from the beginning until the end. If you are tired of multiplayer games and want to play a good single player shooter, this is your game. Although the game does have its faults, it's fluid controls and great story make this a game most shooter fans would enjoy.

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GuruStarr781502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Great game.... all fps fans need to give it a go.. I'd play it all over again if Destiny wasn't coming out tomorrow night.

Reibooi1502d ago

I wholeheartedly agree. I loved what they did with The New Order. It was old school while at the same time looking to the new school.

Game play was fast and fluid and really fun and I was shocked they were able to turn BJ into a character you care about. The rest of the characters were pretty interesting as well(a few duds but what game doesn't have a few of those)

I also think it was great they made a FPS that was meant to tell a story and to that point kept multi player out of the picture. Takes guts this day and age when everything everywhere gets multi player even when it should not.

tkato1502d ago

what's the deal with reviewing game 6 months after they came out?

1noobgamer1502d ago

A review doesn't have to be done on the day of a release. Some people wait for patches etc before playing the game, it's a writers perspective a few months down the line.

Although, general speaking the website does review the latest games but it's the community write it so they come in all shapes and sizes

Play2Win1502d ago

Actually it makes sense to review/test a game before launch or right at release to be honest. Of course there is nothing like fact that a game has to be reviewed day one but I like it when the game gets tested even a few days before it gets released.

tkato1502d ago

By now 98% of the people that were gonna play Wolfenstein already finished it, it's useless to post anything about it now, everybody knows it's great.

1noobgamer1502d ago

Normally we do test a week or so before and/or on the day of release however this writer just wanted to review the game himself and we published it for him.

Make sure you check out tomorrow for our Destiny review

tkato1502d ago

You're gonna publish a review for Destiny tomorrow?, what about the embargo?

1noobgamer1502d ago

It will all have to do with timing but our New Zealand writers will get the game at 12:01 their time. Obviously we wouldn't publish it outside of any release date without prior consent.

DefenderOfDoom21502d ago

I hope they come out with some DLC for WOLF N.O. ! But i have feeling, that some of the developers from MACHINE GAMES are working on the new DOOM .

vandal GAB1502d ago

I didn't expect this game to be as good as it is, Great game enjoyed it a lot!