Miyamoto Describes Smartphone Gaming as “Pathetic”

To say smartphone and tablet gaming has blown up in recent years would be the understatement of the century; Apple has made a fortune off of the iTunes store, games like Angry Birds are known the Continent over, and Candy Crush probably leaves more people broke and crying than Las Vegas at this point. All praise aside, however, it did not fulfill the doomsday scenario that market analysts everywhere predicted; the end of handheld consoles. Nintendo, against all odds, managed to sell staggering numbers (over 40 million) of 3DS units. While this isn’t anywhere close to the ridiculous potential on Facebook games and app stores, one would be hard pressed to call handheld gaming “dead”.

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DanielGearSolid1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Cmon... that's not wat he said...

He said the passive attitude towards gaming that the casual market shows is pathetic...

With everything going on with gamergate right now... clickbait titles are like suicide.

qwerty6761502d ago

ya but you need those clicks man.

Magnus7011501d ago

Micro transactions are destroying us all!

Chrischi19881501d ago

Dont expect any logic on this board.

eworthington01501d ago

This is kind of old news.
Taken out of context "news"
I agree though.
Smartphone gamers are pathetic.
I played angry birds and blitz brigade fer a bit... but the only games I play are emulators.
To me its the only game purpose a smartphone has.

diepdiep1501d ago

"It’s kind of a passive attitude they’re taking, and to me it’s kind of a pathetic thing."

Article title: Miyamoto Describes Smartphone Gaming as “Pathetic”

Journalism at it's finest.

wonderfulmonkeyman1501d ago

Y'know what I'd like to see?
A popular gaming news website that is willing to call out the people that make these kinds of BS click-bait articles.

Put enough of these idiots up on the virtual "wall of shame" and eventually there's going to be an ebb of click-bait articles around these parts.
Sometimes being an a** is the only way to counter a click-bait-producing bunch of a**es.XD

mogwaii1501d ago

Well its true which ever way you slice it.

Chrischi19881501d ago

It is true, but not really what Miyamoto said.

recto851501d ago

the ultimate truth about mobile gaming - it sucks

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