Will e-sports overtake traditional sports?

There's no denying that e-sports are bigger than ever. Could they possibly eclipse traditional sports in popularity?

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qwerty6761528d ago

no. its not even close to traditional sports.

not until the day i can ask some random person on the street who "doublelift" is and they actually know the answer.

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Big_Game_Hunters1528d ago

Yet DOTA2 TI4 finals had more viewers than NBA playoffs. The only sports i watch are futbol and sometimes basketball, the only americn football players i can name or recognize are the ones i see in every other commercial.
You would be surprised how little someone will know about something they don't follow.

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LightDiego1528d ago

Do you think someone will have the same passion for a squad with over a hundred of years of history just like what happens with football, for some random guy who plays moba? Really?

WeAreLegion1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

That squad has changed members several times though. Rooting for a team is fine, but let's not pretend there's a lot of logic to it. You're just picking a team, usually based on geographical proximity, and hoping they win.

The difference is...if that MOBA guy stops gaming and someone else starts using his gamer tag, you won't be watching the new guy.

rainslacker1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Honestly, when I'm watching someone play a game, or watching game play footage, or whatever, I feel like playing a game instead.

E-Sports aren't like typical sports. Pretty much anyone can play a game, and anyone can be good at it if they play enough and take the time to learn how to be good at it. For instance, I tend to suck at games that require patience and exact timing. I'm a bit of a button masher. But I became a really good tank in WOW because I took the time to learn the spec, proper rotation, and learning how to reserve my savior spells for times when it was absolutely necessary which at times could prevent a wipe. I would never claim to be the best out there, but I never got any complaints.

With typical sports, there is a whole different level of skill that goes into what those athletes achieve that the layman simply can't achieve without huge amounts of training, time, and knowledge. Even if a person manages to learn enough to be on the same level at a point in their life after college, they'd likely not compete on the professional level Most professional athletes have been playing the sport from a young age, whereas most professional gamers have only been playing a certain game for a few years until they move onto the next one. There really is nothing to get behind for the long haul because of this. Realistically, an average gamer who spends enough time with a game could beat a professional gamer if they were pitted against them. I've seen hardcore pvp groups be wiped out by a randomly matched group because of a few skilled players holding the group.

It really amounts to nothing more than watching a bunch of people play games for a couple hours and the only one I watched was just not that exciting...I really don't get the appeal of watching these tournaments. I'd rather just play against others win or lose. Exciting moments aren't common. The cool stuff that happens is rare, and there aren't those major showdowns like you would see in a 2 minute drill in football. If you want to see exciting stuff, why not just watch those quick clips which show them and cut out the other boring stuff. I see no reason why people would invest their interest in if another gamer can play a game well like that when it's not that difficult to achieve.

WeAreLegion1528d ago

Not anytime soon, but gaming isn't engrained in culture like football, soccer, baseball, boxing, etc. It is a relatively new activity compared to most sports.

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