Forza Horizon 2 Screenshots

Check out these New Screenshots of Forza Horizon 2. The water element looks amazing.

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Randostar1500d ago

Is there any specific reason the driver looks like Nathan Drake?

Fireseed1500d ago

Well considering Nathan Drake fits the stereotypical white male video game protagonist design pretty well, Id say when you create another generic white guy and give him a similar color tee there'd be confusion.

Mega241500d ago

isn't that kind of racist? is like saying all white people look alike.

Biggest1500d ago

No. It's like saying that all white, male video game protagonists look alike. Racist toward that specific, imaginary demographic.

not_UKRsoldier1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

mega24 -

Um...Even saying that all white people look alike is not racist. You people need to learn the difference between "facts", "stereotyping", and "racism".

"All black people like fried chicken and grape coolaid." Racism? Nope.

"All black people are bad." Racism? Yes.

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GusBricker1500d ago

Obviously, he took his talents to MS to join Forza. He's tired of nazis, supernatural creatures and Helen Mirren like villains trying to kill his ass.

mcgrottys1500d ago

They should just have master chief in all the vehicles instead. I think it would be more awesome at least.

BallsEye1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Nathan Drake got very common face. Other than that, screens look beautiful! Open world, hundreds of cars, full customization, one!


You've obviously never played forza. Every single screenshot you see in the net is made IN GAME. I could go and make some screenshots of F5 and you wouldn't believe it's real. The game looks that good, especially in photo-mode where AA get's a slight bump. Damn you blind fanboys. Never owned XO and trying to be [email protected]

Jvaughn6611500d ago

For those who don't know forza 5 is free for gold members this weekend

peshkavusCA1500d ago

Randostar + 19h ago
Is there any specific reason the driver looks like Nathan Drake?

Because you are obsessed too much with Nathan Drake?

Randostar1499d ago

Iv only played one uncharted game.

Fanci1499d ago

If this was drive club everyone would be applauding these amazing screenshots. But since it's an Xbox One game for some reason you have to be all picky for the most rediculous reasons.

Back-to-Back1499d ago

Yea for posting bullshot images. They're going to fool some people with these pictures.

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christocolus1500d ago

This game looks amazing... Playground devs sure are a talented bunch.

Dee_911500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Agreed.I would love to see a new ip from them in the future.
Is it normal for someone to buy a game even if they don't have the console for the game... Probably one of my friends will have a xbox one lol

ABizzel11500d ago

I really like Forza, but I wish people would learn the difference between in-game, in-engine, and actual gameplay. I understand why MS is publishing "screenshots" with the CG sections of games (to get people hyped), but I don't understand why people aren't labeling them what they really are.

The Halo: MCC vs Halo 2 footage was all CG vs CG, and people were talking about how amazing it looked (which I agree), but they were talking as if it was a graphical representation of what gameplay is going to be like, and it's not the case (that goes for Uncharted too, until we see it in motion).

These Forza shots are all in-game, but most of the impressive shots are pre-race CG, and aren't representative of what the actual gameplay looks like. As a matter of fact the first image, is practically ripped from the Gamescom floor demo.

Pause it as soon as the video starts

And the car models in-game aren't nearly that detailes, again pause it.

I don't understand this. The game looks good as it is, the open world looks great, the reflections look amazing, the car models are good enough. Unless you're using photomode stop showing off false screenshots.

All_Consoles1500d ago

Quick question, why are you comparing in game screens to a video on youtube? Go to forza vista mode or race replays and you will see that the cars look undeniably fantastic.

OpieWinston1500d ago

How I know you're full of it....

You're saying MS is releasing these screenshots?
It's Playground games.

You're saying these are from "CG sections". Either you don't know what CG is or you don't know what a close up shot in Forza Vista is.

You're saying Halo MCC is CG footage, the only CG footage was the Blur Cinematics...And that was explicitly stated in the trailers MS posted that it was "Cinematic Trailer". Some people may be delusional and don't understand it.

You're seriously posting Youtube videos and comparing them to screen shots...
Next you'll tell me Quantum Break looked bad because you watched the video of it, when my buddy at Gamescom saw it he was blown away and this is a guy who is rarely phased by demos(Extended QB demo).


Dude these are screenshots. The game looks amazing, and you'll see it when you PLAY IT(I know you aren't...You're clearly a troll)

Like what "All_Consoles" said...Wait to see the game in Vista mode or via replays.
Youtube ISN'T a good way to check it out.

ABizzel11500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


Because those screenshots are taken from those moments during the game, and it wasn't for comparing it was showing where those shots are actually from. Your car isn't rolling around the open world looking like those screenshots, which again is why I posted the second link of the the video.


You're the only person on here fanboying out. Once again I have every next-gen platform, I have no need to troll anything.

First off exclusives games go through MS in nearly every form, which means someone at MS ok'ed this.

Secondly the very first image (the big one, and the one used here) are from the pre-race clip. That's not Forza Vista, it's the opening CG used for each race, like a lot of racing games use.

The Blur Studio Cinematics trailer is exactly what I was talking about, and while the actual video says Cinematic trailer, people are submitting without the actual title, and the comment section is eating it up as if it's what gameplay looks like.

Once again the YouTube video was simply to show where these screenshots were pulled from in the game. The 2nd, 3rd, and 11th are all views of the car pulled from the same part as the opening of the video. The big one image at the top, and the 4th are pulled from pre-race scenes. Only the first and 10th image look remotely like actual gameplay.

The definition of a true defensive fanboy, bringing in another game that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. But getting to that Quantic Break looks great graphically, and one of the best looking games shown thus far. Forza Horizon 2 look great as well, but it's not vying for the graphics crown at all.

You ignorance meter is high, as is you fanboy meter

These are screenshots that aren't based on "GAMEPLAY", which is what I said and the entire point I was making. We've seen gameplay and it looks good, but nothing like these strategic screenshots.

Once again

and let me quote myself, "The game looks good as it is, the open world looks great, the reflections look amazing, the car models are good enough."

We don't need to see it in Vista / Replay Mode, that's not what we'll be playing in-game when we race. They use higher poly models than what you see in-game, which is once again the whole point I was making. These are a true representation of what you'll be seeing when you drive around in your car, these are the higher poly models, and not the car models you'll be racing with.

If you can't understand that, I don't know how else to explain it, and humanity is truly coming to an end as intelligence is an endangered mental skill.

Lawboy21500d ago

@ abizzle

Wait a min...u can use forza vista in cg blow my mind

Also ever heard of photo mode...which I'm not sure u can do that in cg a well

ABizzel11500d ago

OMG the stupidity of this comment section, specifically those replying to me is astounding.

Please do the world a favor and either learn something or don't reproduce.

1500d ago
Dee_911500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

.. yyeaa because all we care about are graphics...
I don't know about you lot.but I don't even play games. I just find a pretty spot in the game and just leave it there.
ugh morganfell got me all sarcasticy now..

We don't need to learn the difference when you need a microscope to notice the differences..

marioJP871500d ago

Bubble up, man. I SO F'ing agree. I thought it was just me who'd notice CGI graphics and in game differences. This isn't gameplay graphics and neither is Halo MCC that Microsoft is displaying, though i DO wish my X1 could execute those graphics in game.

Azzanation1500d ago

MS don't control what articles and headlines get placed on the net. As for the Halo MCC vs Halo 2 videos, that is comparing the cinematics of the game with each other which they have every right to do. Its the fanboy that blow it out of control. Both MS and Sony fans have taken this gen way to far. FH2 looks amazing in game and Halo MMC looks amazing regardless. I love Halo and even I say the headline is misleading, not that I care because I love the cinematics in Halo.

ABizzel11500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


Although you tried being sarcastic one too many times, I'll be kind since you at least showed some signs of intelligence unlike many of the others in here, so let me quote myself about why I posted the video.

"Once again the YouTube video was simply to show where these screenshots were pulled from in the game."

It's you and these fanboys assuming I'm comparing them, I only posted the video links to show that the sections "SOME OF THESE SCREENSHOTS" were pulled from "NON-GAMEPLAY SEGMENTS OF THE GAME".

"Show me another racer that has as many interactive objects and is as open as FH2, because thats apart of visuals too."

I'll show you two.

The Crew

Need for Speed Rivals

If you include PC, I can show you more.


If you need a microscope to notice the difference between these images you, need new eyes.

Opening for a Race

Car Model

CG / ForzaVista

If any of you can sit here and tell me those are the same, then once again "A new level of stupid" has been achieved here on n4g. They're 500k+ poly models for CG/FV cars, and in-game you're getting 50k - 60k models at best (double what Forza Horizon 1 used, just like Forza 5 doubled what Forza 4 used). This is why they're able to launch games so quickly, and why I'll be waiting for Forza 6 (although I might cave in on FH2).

Ralph Fulton, Creative Director of Playground Games says, "The secret to next-gen beauty is not about poly counts or textures, it about light."

That's why these car models aren't wowing, but they do have an amazing lighting engine.

Slap a Xbox fanboy with common sense and logic, they deny it.
Slap a Xbox fanboy with video and photo evidence, they deny it.
Slap a Xbox fanboy with a quote from the game director, let's see what they do......more than likely still disagree.

ABizzel11500d ago

@MarioJP87 & Azzanation

Thank you for being the only two people with any intelligence to comment on this post. I had no problem with the Halo: MCC cinematic trailer vs. the original Halo 2 trailer, but when people are in the comment section acting as if it's actual gameplay is when it becomes an issue, especially since we've seen plenty of footage both single player and multiplayer of anniversary 2 in action. You can be a fan of something, but when you can't see past BS is when you become an ignorant fanboy.

Thanks you two for not being ignorant fanboys.

Dee_911500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

So forza vista is cg.. okay. Check obviously don't know what cg is off the list.
The additional polygons used in forza vista for the interior parts that you can't see during actual gameplay is the reason for the difference between detailed photos and gameplay... okay Check, don't know anything about 3d models and photography off the list.
Why does all of your supposed CG screenshots have some type of weather while the gameplay screens have clear skies?

The irony of calling someone stupid for believing there aren't much difference between the 'bullshots' and in-game shots.It takes a stupid person to call someone stupid for that.The gap between cg and gameplay have been shrinking over the years, its only natural that it gets more difficult to notice the differences..

You're not slapping anyone with common sense and photo evidence, you presented completely different environments with cherry picked screenshots.Your understanding of what that developer said is based off your ignorance of polygons and 3d models.
Yes I am the ignorant xbox fanboy without a xbox who dislike microsoft.. your logic fails.

Boy what is with these multi-bubble dudes rambling on here expecting their opinions to be taken as facts..Get over yourself.

Rocky51499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Here is a pic (taken ingame using the photo mode Forza5) where I tried to recreate the Horizon photo to see if they were bull shots.

(This was taken over a month or two ago & originally on Neogaf)

As you can see this is not CG, but the highest car model with AA added & Horizon 2 has had longer & probably more bells & whistles to make it look even better.

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ProjectVulcan1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

While I'm sure the game will look good, it didn't look quite this good in the gameplay videos I have seen of it, the direct feed, high quality ones.

Forza games aren't exactly above ye olde bait and switch when it comes to 'in engine' maximum quality models and asset shots rather than 'in gameplay' assets that are typically considerably lower. Even I know that.

I hope it is as expansive as the first Forza Horizon game, it was fantastic and one of my favourite racers last generation. The weather and day/night cycles are all the rage right now for this sort of racer. They can add a lot to the experience if done well they can completely change a race.

Dynamic weather is the sort of thing people have been crying out for in most racing games, it's about time it was standard now we have a hardware upgrade on the consoles.

ABizzel11500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I seriously can't understand some of these gamers, it's like logic just doesn't exist in their brains. I swear this is the end of the world, because of stupidity.

I don't understand how you can look at these screenshots, then go to YouTube or even Gamersyde, and sit here and say that's representative of the actual gameplay.

I feel so sorry for this generation. n4g shows me a new level of stupid every day.

We should be past this stuff by now, learn technology, and learn the difference.

MorePowerOfGreen1500d ago

Thousands seen the game in not the newest builds but some later builds, the game looks this good.

ABizzel11500d ago


LOL, stop it. Save that BS for someone who doesn't know any better. As I said above these are images taken from the NON-GAMEPLAY MOMENTS of Forza Horizon 2. The game isn't a top level graphics showcase, but it still looks great regardless which is why there's no need to use these borderline Bullshots to promote the game. It's selling a false image of what gamers will be playing the majority of the time unless you just like sitting around randomly, staying in Forzavista, or Photo Mode (whenever they announce it).

ProjectVulcan1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Meh. Most people don't realise how this sort of thing works. When you can cherry pick shots of the game in it's very best light with it's highest quality models that you can't get in gameplay, most do.

This is classic of the Forza games, most games really. The models used in the close ups and photo mode are significantly better than the ones in game, it goes for present gen just the same.

"We have zillion polys on our models" Yes, I bet you do for the highest quality, but in game is more likely just a fraction of that figure.

It's a PR war out there. You don't want to get outshone by other games so you dress up your game to the max. Even if your game does look great, most do a bait and switch or a little deception.

It's reality of the videogames industry. A lot of people don't like it when you point obvious examples out (like here) but it's simply the truth, nothing more, nothing less.

I personally would much rather prefer games be represented properly by their gameplay assets only instead of cherry picking or creating these workstation rendered trailers but that just isn't going to happen....

ABizzel11500d ago

"We have zillion polys on our models" Yes, I bet you do for the highest quality, but in game is more likely just a fraction of that figure.

OMG this so much.

You explained everything I've been saying. Forza 4 was the best example, they claimed they have 1 million polygon models running in the game and fanboys ran with it, not realizing that it's only in FV mode. Then you have photomode which up'ed the poly count (usually around 2 / 3x depending on the game, some are real 1:1), and then you had the real game which was 30k - 50k polygon car models.

Even Gran Turismo did this, and I just don't understand it. It's borderline false advertisement, sale your game the way gamers will experience it, not on BS.

Spotie1499d ago

So you've all forgotten how autovista mode and replays have models with higher poly counts?

How convenient is that? Now you can attack Abizzel for "downplaying" your precious Xbox exclusive and feel justified. Even though he's got proof and you've got fanboy feelings.

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Lawboy21500d ago

I'm really excited for this game I can't wait for this game

christocolus1500d ago

The game looks like so much fun. The open world, the weather effects,the clubs&cities, graphics, music, the online aspect..its a huge step up from the first FH game. Have watched the 20 gamescom demo so many times. Its just amazing. Can't wait.

gamer78041500d ago

i'm super psyched, the music in the annoucment trailer by Nervo fit perfectly. can't wait to play it. "lets start a revolution"

Lawboy21500d ago

Yeah exactly...been watching so many videos it's crazy

lifeisgamesok1500d ago

Me too I've been watching every video this game is going to be the holy grail of racing games and set a very high bar

HugoDrax1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Can't wait either, been playing some Forza 5 the past few weeks.
Driver Level = 83
Drivatar Sync = 45%

Hopefully I can get the sync to 65%-70% sync by the time Horizon 2 releases. It takes soooo long to increase your drivatars skill lol. Still, it's pretty neat that we will be able to transfer our drivatar data from Forza 5 to Horizon 2. Rewards gamers who played Forza 5, who intends on playing Horizon 2 at the end of the month.

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IrishSt0ner1500d ago

Man I loved Horizon so much, took me by suprise how high the quality was. This is a day one, many played hours game for me, excited!

aviator1891500d ago

Racing in the night and over sprawling areas has me really pumped for this game. Not to mention it's certainly a looker.

Alicornium1500d ago

This... this turns me on
I need it

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