Honest Game Trailers takes a jab at 'Team Fortress 2'

PC gamers were in for a treat over the weekend when Honest Game Trailers took a few humorous jabs at 'Team Fortress 2'.

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stanr1506d ago

Gotta love how Honest Game Trailers is dead on when taking a few jabs at video games.

solar1505d ago

taking jabs at Valve is not what they should do. Valve has giving life blood to modders since they began, Chet can vow for that. fuck this video. those modders would be nothing without Valve

cpayne931505d ago

These honest game trailers aren't trying to say the games in question are bad, far from it. Don't take something lighthearted and trivial and try to make out like its a serious offense.

stanr1505d ago

Did you even actually watch the video?

SuperBlur1506d ago

is it wrong to know the name of the model of the spray tag?

man i love these H trailers ! Can never get enough

side note , i'd love for the newest source engine to allow us to do the same funny stuff while playing as in the "the meet" videos hehe