Sony Looking to “Improve PlayStation’s Competitive Advantage” With New Systems, Tools and Drivers

Console platforms are always evolving, and manufacturers often look into pushing the envelope by providing their developers with the best tools to create the best games, but also to make their life easier. Sony seems to be planning to do just that.

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cell9891529d ago

The tools built by the ICE team will allow 3rd party devs to really come into gripes with the PS4. Sonys own version of "DX12" it's time we start seeing the real power advantage of the PS4 over x1

sparta761529d ago

We already see the advantage, this will only make it that much better.

XBLSkull1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

What we've been seeing is the gap between multiplatforms closing, and exclusives look great on both platforms.

PC > Xbox 1 = PS4

Cry all you want heavy, the multiplatform parity is showing on nearly all games now and Ryse is still the most visual impressive game released.

xHeavYx1528d ago

Wishful thinking much?

Forn1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


When you mention Ryse, you're referring to the coming PC version right? Eh, even so, PS4 games still outshine it. Oh well.

Also, must be hard to have Xbone 'exclusives' not even be actual exclusives eh?

HaveSumNuts1528d ago


And what innovation Ryse brought to next gen? Press Y when it's yellow, press X when it's blue. At the end of the day you are doing what 5 year olds learn to do. It looks good don't get me wrong but the gameplay mechanics would only be challenging to a child.

Docknoss1528d ago

"Competitive advantage" that's highly debatable.

Kribwalker1528d ago


Can anyone say The Order?

At least that is what is consistently being said by previewers. All looks, not so good [email protected] to boot

Evilsnuggle1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

[email protected]

You are totally delusional if you think that the power gap between PS4 and x1 Will every closes. How can x1 GPU with 50% less GPU cores have the power of the PS4 GPU. This is ridiculous. Parity is just a developer not using the power advantage of the PS4. PS4 is just more powerful hardware than X1 . No amount of Da Cloud , DX12 or new SKU update will change that. XBLSkull just enjoy x1 exclusives and don't worry about the PS4 having the superior version of multi platform games.

[email protected]

PC fanboys make me laugh . How much better PCs are that consoles. MrPink2013 "but on a technical level that is where the PC can trump consoles." . Yes But a what price point.!!! You made mention that The Witcher 3 will not be 1080P 60fps on PS4.
But The Witcher 3 will not be 1080P 60fps on many PC . The Witcher 3 will not run 1080P 60fps on a GTX 780 Ti . A graphic card that cost $700 bucks. The PS4 has all games but two in 1080P except for Battlefield 4 900p 60fps and Watchdogs 900p 30fps. Their is no computer that can out preform the PS4 at a $400 price point proven by

PC fanboys pretend that pc was built by God by hand. Game consoles has superior quality in online multi player competitive games. Pc is plagued by hackers and cheaters that download software on their computer to help them cheat in online multi player competitive games. You get what you pay for with PSN and xbox live. Sony and Microsoft police there online service on like free pc.

GTgamer1528d ago

First I wanna thank all the people who got you to one bubble its been a long time coming.

Now Nobody said the order has no good gameplay you might wanna go read those previews again all the comments were about certain things like the aim with the thermite gun which felt off and remember everyone has been playing the same demo so Ready at Dawn has a lot of months to fix those elements of the game probably the reason for the delay so try harder next time.
And the Order is 1080p so that you trying to call the full resolution 800p is sad because you know damn well it has to do with the borders at the top and bottom of the screen. And remember with one bubble comes great trolling ಠ_ಠ.

andibandit1528d ago

It's just an job ad, theyre looking for an senior engineer...big deal??

I thought this happens all the time in the IT sector..I guess when Sony does it it's somehow revolutionary and the final nail in the MS's coffin FO SHO

Volkama1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Lol it really is just a job add. And to think abriel called out eurogamer for a click-seeking title the other day...

Oh well, going by the comments above it looks like a fine article to shout "I love Sony!" If you want bubbles.

aerisbueller1528d ago

A: Ryse isn't the most visually impressive.
B: If Ryse were on PS4 it would look and run better. Have you guys still not noticed the pattern here?

donthate1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

What is funny is that most people in here seem to not understand what is going on at all!

This isn't a job to improve the drivers or software for the PS4 at all. It is nothing near anything like DX12 or anything of the sorts that has to do with graphics or even the internals of the PS4 (which I am sure Sony as well as everyone else is working on).

This is for a job developing Java for server side and some client side stuff on a network based infrastructure implementing needed service support FOR the PS3, PS4 and Vita.

You might as best have a hand in defining console related features, to make it happen on the server side.

That is it!

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Mithan1528d ago

There isn't that big of a difference but anyways, not having a X1, I want to see the best for my PS4.

fr0sty1528d ago

Only 633,600 pixels per frame difference, on average, along with better frame rates, but who's counting... right?

Godmars2901528d ago

Its not about seeing differences in power, but rather accepting that no system is going to remain static in terms of support. Thinking that the XB1 can meet much less exceed what the PS4 is supposedly capable of doing, while the PS4 will only remain the same.

Granted, more is going to have to be done than multiplatform titles.

MrPink20131528d ago

I don't know why anyone would think the PS4 won't improve over time. The PS3 did so why wouldn't Sony's new console? The difference with the XBOX One is they were able to get added performance by unlocking Kinect and will also be able to take advantage of DX12. This will help that system reach better parity with the PS4 but the PS4 will always have better hardware with its more advanced RAM and GPU.

donthate1528d ago

What we are seeing is that Xbox One is reaching parity with PS4 very quickly. The PS4 will have an advantage in raw horsepower, but we all know it is far more complex than that.

More importantly isn't just what the hardware is, but what the hardware enables game developers to do. We are reaching a point where hardware "power" no longer defines what game developers can really do that has a significant impact on the gaming mechanics.

We are now talking about, this little jagged edge here, or this little shadow there, and so on.

This isn't going from 2D to 3D or that sorts. The next arena this is happening in is in the cloud and we are at the tip of it starting already with massive open world games online.

Titanfall and now Destiny is one of the first forays into this for consoles, and more to come.

The uncharted territory is massive computational resources online. The console pales in comparison, and any differences between consoles are negligible.

Bickering about why Xbox One is better or worse than PS4 is just plain ridiculous when that gap is so much bigger on PC, yet those that argue chose Xbox One or PS4!!!

Godmars2901528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Yes. You're 100% right!

We're not seeing MS push performance in attempt to match that of the PS4's just so that they can say the XB1 can do 1080p and 60 fps, regardless of whatever further performance sacrifices there are, we're just seeing the "natural" technological progression of one console over another Because the other one will never improve.

Gosh, its like you didn't understand a thing I said before and are just commenting from the basis of your own immobile and stagnant beliefs. In regards to technology no less - I feel so stupid!

(The really sad thing about this, I have to put "/sarcasm" or some will take this seriously.)

/sarcasm XD

Charybdis1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Tools will always be improving that in itself is no news that is just basic knowledge and info trying to hype stuff up referring to dx 12 doesnt really matteropen gl cancopy and duplicate dx12 features such as bundling and other possible features at the moment there is no reason to suspect any exclusive dx12 features to be only possible on microsft xbox one hardware. even if xb1 has some on chip esram etc. Surely Sony will be looking into to improve their competetive advantage with new system tools and drivers.

Shake_Zula1528d ago

There's really no need for a DX12 alternative... Linux - FreeBSD in PS4's case - already has very low hardware access.

Side note: The reason why we get the 6000000 stability updates is because the low level access of unix/linux is powered by a massive set of libraries. MS's DX11/12 is a bit singular in terms of functional application.

beerzombie1528d ago

post a link for this fact."Sony's own version of "DX12"

sinspirit1528d ago

You know that DX12 doesn't have exlusive features.. right? PS4 has all features that DX12 has. DX12 is just a library of tools. Even if OpenGL or FreeBSD didn't have these tools they could easily be added in, even by developers themselves. These are far more open libraries. DX is blatantly insignificant in helping the progress of these libraries. It has hindered the progress of superior, more open, and highly compatible libraries like OpenGL which can be accessed on PC, Mac, and even Android. The only reason DX is relevant is because it was one of Microsoft's few successful marketing campaigns that got a bunch of developers on board. The reason DX exists was to keep developers on their platform from releasing it on Mac, their main competition.

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BullyMangler1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

sony still trying to compete . havent they learned their lesson?
Nintendo has, and always will have better, more challenging, more talented looking, more inventive, more gory exclusives.

Just join Nintendo sony, and call it a night, cus it aint working! Or maybe team up with Microsoft, maybe then your plans of "domination", will work.

This gen, ps4 in the lead with more sales, wiiU in the lead with better games ..

Dont get me wrong sony, i like your exclusives, but stop trying to compete with Nintendo, lol.

My bubbles! lol I went from 5, to 1 bubble, because SonyDrones get so mad, when the truth is spoken. Acting like im trolling . . LMAO . grow a pair!!

WeAreLegion1529d ago

This is why you have one bubble.

Abriael1529d ago

I just read "nintendo" and "inventive" in the same sentence.

I laughed.

Sorry. I really did.

DCfan1528d ago

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Innovative my butt.

Rimeskeem1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Grow a pair?

Your the one that is going on a rant on how you think Nintendo exclusives are better and all that.

You are literally being a whiny fanboy that can't get over the fact Sony knows what they are doing this gen.

Edit: Looking at your History I doubt you ever had more than 1 bubble.

I_am_Batman1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Let's pretend that Nintendo having the best first party games wasn't a matter of personal taste. Why would you want Sony to stop "trying" to compete? Wouldn't Sony's first party games drop in quality if they stopped competing with their rivals?

Edit: And what does more "talented looking games" even mean? And more gory exclusives? Really? I don't really get your point.

DigitalHope1528d ago

Bubble up for being the biggest retard on n4g

Kingdomcome2471528d ago

God of War told me to tell you hi concerning your,"Gory", comment. Since when did gore become a metric for quality?

jmac531528d ago

Enjoy your 2 Nintendo exclusives this year.

greenlantern28141528d ago

Look I have a WiiU and had every other Nintendo console. But Sony isn't trying to compete with Nintendo and hadn't been since the PS1 came out. They took the crown from Nintendo back than and have kept it. Just add up console and software sales for the last 4 generations. Because all these companies care about are sales.

D3TH_D33LR1528d ago

Bro you try to hard to troll. Yet apparently still good enough for a sad few lol

Blueraven3161527d ago

So nintedno has been going downhill in console sales since nes. They get lucky with fluky wii and now it's sales are back to gc levels and you want to bash sony? All if sony's consoles have sold like crazy. Nintendo cannot say the same. Go play your Nintendo games that have been around forever. They aren't innovators. They make childish and kiddy games little boy

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Pillsbury11529d ago

The 1st gen games look amazing and I can't wait to see what else they can squeeze out of this powerhouse. Naughty dog I am looking at you.

MRMagoo1231528d ago

I know , it gets me pretty excited about the future on the ps4 knowing how good games are going to get from here on out, just look at the weather in drive club , imagine those kinds of effects in other games, I can't wait.

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vandal GAB1528d ago

Both consoles manufactures will provide better tooling through the life cycle of their consoles! How is this news exactly?