PS4 Exclusive Without Memory To Get First Actual Screenshots and Trailer Soon

Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games has been working on its 2016-bound PS4 exclusive Without Memory for a few months now, and has shown a few work-in-progress screenshots and assets of the game, but you still didn’t get to see how it’ll really look like.

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Enemy1530d ago

Seems like every time I log into N4G there's a new PS4 exclusive announced.

Abriael1530d ago

This one has been announced a while ago. They just never shown real deal gameplay so far.

Enemy1530d ago

I have never heard of this before today. Any idea when we'll see gameplay?

Abriael1530d ago

have you even tried to read the post? ^_^;;;

amiga-man1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Enemy I know what your saying, I hadn't heard of this game either, PS4 owners have a lot to look forward to.

S2Killinit1530d ago

I had already heard of this. but yeah i totally agree with you, there is so much coming its hard to keep track.

gootimes1530d ago

I am definitely excited to see how this games looks, they hyped up AAA level graphics, let's see em.

WeAreLegion1530d ago

Awesome. Excited for the trailer.

MRMagoo1231530d ago

With a dev name like dinosaurum they can't go wrong, I am intrigued, as I have no clue what this game is, can't wait for the trailer either.

DigitalRaptor1530d ago

They were supposed to reveal the trailer at Gamescom, but I believe they needed more time to ready it before showing.

I really can't wait. To hear that these guys were inspired by Quantic Dream, and even had those guys read over the treatment for their game is fantastic.

WeAreLegion1529d ago

Oh, holy crap. I didn't even see that. That has me even more intrigued! I love QD.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1530d ago

Really interested in this game.

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