GameTrailers: Battlefield: Bad Company Preview

Acquire a taste for blowing things up.

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Close_Second3963d ago

...but am still unsure as there is still no word on the lobby system for the final game. I want to know what games are being played and be able to see my connectin in relation to the host before joining. I hate ending up in games and its nothing but a lag fest.

Why even bother releasing a game thats all about on-line play (lets face it, the single player demo of this game was pretty naff) and not put in place a good lobby system. Actually, I wonder if the PC version of the game will get a good lobby and the console versions will get the same ole watered down lobby they usually get.

TheIneffableBob3963d ago

The PC is not getting Battlefield: Bad Company.

It's getting Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Heroes.

Bellic Jr3963d ago

that compliments EA's business ethics- Bad Company