Harry Potter To Make Next-Gen Debut In 2007

Electronic Arts today announced the development of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, based on the upcoming movie, which will be released in July 2007.

The instalment will feature across a number of platforms, including Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and Wii (expect wand-waving gestures aplenty with that version), and is currently in development at EA's UK Studio in Chertsey.

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Odiah4350d ago

A Harry Potter on Wii could be epic

Aflac4350d ago

but EA sucks balls, they cant do sh!t outside of sports games, and even their sports games are not that great. The LOTR and HP games need to go to someone else...

PS360PCROCKS4350d ago

yea ea blows but this could be good, love the books and movies and I'm 21

alilhappything4350d ago

Could be a good franchise with an original developer.