Gamestation: 'We're still our own boss'

One year on after it was snapped up by former rival GAME, Gamestation's managing director Martyn Gibbs has told MCV that the retailer has retained its autonomy – and is looking forward to expanding its presence further.

While there were initial fears that the high profile deal would bring about a consolidation of Gamestation's staff and store base, Gibbs remains confident that the chain is in the right hands.

"We continue to run our business with as much, if not more, autonomy than ever," said Gibbs. "We own the strategy of the business and this has simply been strengthened over the past year.

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LankySi3775d ago

They may THINK they're their own boss, but I'd have to disagree! Their prices are following Game's trend. Higher new retail prices, lower trade-in values having been one of the highest on the high street and dropping pre-owned sell-on prices by only £2-£5.

All in all makes them look very similar to Game if you ask me! I've taken to shopping online a helluva lot more than before and swapping games online rather than trading them in now.