Call of Duty 5 Interview + New Screenshots

Interview is in a foreign language & the google translator isn't doing a pretty good job of translating it, but you can see couple of new screenshots.

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omni_atlas3959d ago

Yawn...after playing Metal Gear Solid 4 everything else just looks dull.

Wise Rant Monkey3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

<Infinity Ward....?.... INFINITY WAAAAAARD!!!)

SUP3R3959d ago

Need motion for better judgement.

oothebutcheroo3959d ago

this game is so dumb looking (so far)...........why does treyarch make games that r so dumb and pathetic looking and i thought infinty bought the rights to cod? anyone know?

aaquib53959d ago

Activision does. Activision just lets each developer work on the new game. Unfortunately, with the bar set by CoD4 and Infinity Ward, Treyarch doesn't stand a chance to try making a better CoD5.

IzKyD13313959d ago

after the incredibly high bar that was set by COD4, theres no way in hell that COD5 can top (or even match) COD4

Bellic Jr3959d ago

I'm officially OFF DUTY!

Close_Second3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

...I had a kill/death ratio of 4.09 and without sniping or being a camper. Basically the game stopped being fun for me a for a couple of reasons:

1. Martyrdom. Worst perk in the game. Takes away the need for any skill and its in dire need of a makeover in terms of being able to use it. As a start I would make it so you could only use this perk if you have not thrown all your grenades during combat!

2. Sniping. Maps are far too small to support snipers. Basically just a line of fire point and shoot. You don't have to worry about wind, gravity, etc. Still far too easy to snipe.

3. No team play. Most of the time is a free-for-all no matter what the game type being played. Teamwork nearly always takes a backseat to good teamplay. This is especially relevant for the PS3 version as there seem to be so few PS3 players who actually have a headset.

4. The lobby. COD4 is all about on-line play and yet it comes complete with one of the most inept lobby systems of any next gen game. Even COD3 had a better lobby than COD4. Mind you, at least it is not as bad as the lobby used for GTAIV.

5. Crossairs. What the hell is the deal with being able to tell where an enemy is hiding by looking at your crossairs.

6. Weapons pick up. I am fed up with games that don't require you to do much at all to pick up weapons or ammo. Simply walk over them and thats it. Why have none of these next-gen games introduced some sort of mini-game (ala Gears of War reloading system) for searching bodies or picking up ammo. Also be nice to be able to set booby traps on your fallen comrades so if anyone did do a search...

7. Spawn points/killing. COD4 still has a nasty spawn system that seems to place you back in the middle of combat which makes you nothing but a target for being spawn killed. I wreckon if you spawn kill (I know sometimes is accidental) that your gun(s) should jam for 15 seconds.

Anyway, COD4 is by no means perfect and its the little things that start to bug me about the game. I for one am looking forward to COD5 as it seems to me to be COD4 but set in WWII and that to me is quite appealing.

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The story is too old to be commented.