Last chance to take advantage of the discounts for Destiny strategy guides and other preorder deals

With Destiny coming out soon, gamers have a last chance to get the discounts on the Destiny Signature Series Strategy Guide and Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide in addition to other bonuses from Destiny-related products.

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Eonjay1503d ago

If you have Xbox One there are some Destiny Limited Editions available on Amazon RIGHT NOW. These things go fast so now may be you last chance to get it before launch.

Eonjay1503d ago

Looks like some PS4 Limited editions are also available.

Yo Mama1503d ago

No there's not. Just Xbox One.

Eonjay1503d ago

@Yo Mamma

Yeah, they just went out of stock again. They are selling like hotcakes.

Totoro171503d ago

I love Best Buy's. Pre-order it and get a $10 BB gift certificate. Also, if you're a member of their Gamers Unlocked program (which you really should be), it knocks 20% off of new games so that game cost me $48 plus I'm getting a $10 gift certificate towards my next purchase.

arkard1503d ago

I did it with the limited edition, game is basically only 70$. Can't beat gamers club!

ScottyHoss1503d ago

Is this in the states or Canada?

arkard1503d ago

States has gamers club and the peorder deal. Not sure if Canada has a similar program.