The Sims 4: 5 Reasons Why This Game is a Huge Flop

After five years, Electronic Arts has finally released a new Sims game but the reception hasn’t been the best so far. Gamers and reviewers are extremely disappointed with the functionality and content of the game. But some go even farther claiming that The Sims 4 is a huge failure. But why exactly, what’s so wrong about Maxis’ new game?

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Clown_Syndr0me1508d ago

I remember 14 years ago, getting The Sims for my 9th birthday.
It was amazing. If someone had asked me to imagine how good the game could be in 14 years I would of blown my mind. However, here we are all those years later and the Sims 4 is out. It is a huge disappointment, they could of done so much more. Sometimes I wonder if theyve released it in this state deliberately to make more money of DLC/add ons.

SolidGear31508d ago

Pretty much .. I don't blame Maxis, it's EA.

amiga-man1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

My daughters have enjoyed the Sims for years and were all geared up for the next installment, but even they are passing on this game, something is definitely wrong with this game.

EA does it again.

That-Guy1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Simply put with the lack of content and effort they've put in Sims 4, this game is a demo. After every little bit of DLC over the next couple of years it might just become a complete game, but even then it's too little, far too late.

Senyra1507d ago

But compared to The Sims 3 without any expansions, this game is really a demo lol

SegaGamer1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

We are at the point now where we all should be able to go online together and have our Sims communicate together in a huge Sims world with multiple servers. But no, instead of moving the game on to bigger and better things, EA just want to release a game as quickly as possible with little innovation and release add on after add on and make more money.

Soldierone1508d ago

EA has a stripping down problem at the moment. Stripping key features from games for no reason at all..... must be some big wigs new big idea....

Can't charge for online passes anymore, gotta find something else to rip people off with I guess. It sucks too, these developers are amazing. The NHL team? Fantastic! Too bad EA is going to destroy them when these games flop and they blame the team, not these poor business mistakes.

Senyra1507d ago

Or maybe a team ran on internships and amateurs... working on tight schedules. There's really no explanation for so much content missing :0

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jambola1508d ago

biggest issue iv'e seen so far s that you teleport instead of walking to beighbours

Senyra1507d ago

You teleport everywhere... there's loading screen everywhere because it's not open world anymore. In fact, other households have no progress unless you play them.

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