Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Exciting New Details Revealed with Screenshots

Richard from PushStartPlay writes: Earlier this morning my issue of the November Gamesmaster Magazine turned up in the post and with it were some exciting details for the recently announced Resident Evil: Revelations 2, set for release early 2015 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Many of the details revealed include the return of Claire Redfield, the daughter of Barry Burton, plot and enemy details and much more. This information was revealed when Gamesmaster sat down with Resident Evil: Revelations 2 producer Michiteru Okabe.

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cfc781507d ago

Enjoying the info up to the point where zombies won't actually be zombies though i'll stay opptimistic as the game looks very promising so far.

cemelc1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

It has everything wrong with recent resident evils.

The melee system that its broken since 4.
One of the characters cant die.
It isnt barry, its his daugther.

"Achieving that lofty goal by bringing together past and future will make this an itchy-tasty prospect indeed.”

That an actual quote. Ill wait for reviews

CocoWolfie1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

agree with coop it can be a drag sometimes :/ but yeah i hardly ever pre-order, so hopefully they release tons of videos and ill just get it when ever if its good. i just hope this isnt obviously scripted and that enemies dissolve, soo :p

EDIT: thinking about it, a photo mode would be really cool.

on_line_forever1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I have a bad feeling about this.

I read the article and the details more than once .

Something tells me this will end as stupid game with another action element's and stupid ideas by crapcoom.

Or at least this will not be the resident evil we want .

don't forget guys this is crapcoom and shinji mikami the father of resident evil is not in there .

-Foxtrot1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )



Right come on guys, I know you want to be optimistic because we all want a good RE game but it's not going to happen, it's going to be shit.

Oh and Barry's daughter, I mean come on why not just use Barry himself.

You see this is Capcoms problem, they keep adding new characters into new RE titles and they aren't that good. Sheva, Helena, Piers, Jake, Jessica, Parker they are all bland.

How can you say you want to go back to your horror focused roots and then not only bring co-op back but make it so the main objective of one of them is to heal you.

Hell Capcom are delusional

"The project has been finding the line between listening to fan feedback and also doing something different to confound expectations"

Yet most people said how they didn't want co-op, especially how poor RE6 was

"“I want this to be both a game that doesn’t lose what made its predecessor great"

Too late man.

scark921507d ago

I hope a new ObsCure comes out sometime, I loved those games! and it does justify co op horror imo, but in a cheesy way lol

XxExacutionerxX1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Give this series to the guys that made dead space. This series is so long we are now meeting the sons and daughters of characters from the beginning. Reboot Resident Evil already. The Evil Within is the new Resident Evil.

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miyamoto1507d ago

I just hope both RE and Silent Hill will return to greatness specially on PS4

nyobzoo1507d ago

it's looks and sounds pretty good so far, can't wait to play it

BigBosss1507d ago

As a huge re fan I gotta say with all those details and screens, I think this will be the RE we've all been waiting for especially the fact Clair Redfield and Barry Burton are back!

DarkBlood1507d ago

It doesnt say barry burton is in it just his daughter but then again we havent played the whole game and it could be a suprise like the escape to helicopter In re3

KakashiHotake1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I always thought the best Resident Evils are the ones with Claire. RE2 and Code Veronica are still my favorites. Unlike every other character in the RE series, Claire always has a very human feel.

zielocz3k1507d ago

If you played RE1 you know how much Barry cares about his family. I'm sure he will be in the game :)

Agent_hitman1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Make a bet guys, who do you think will be the protagonist/s in this game?..

EDIT: I hope that Leon will be in this game as well.

Nerdmaster1507d ago

The article already said it will be Claire and Moira... -_-

DarkOcelet1507d ago

I think you should have read the title. It clearly says Claire Redfield and Moira Burton .

Inception1507d ago

Enough with Leon. He already had a lot of spotlight. Now it's time for Claire and Barry's daughter to kick some zombie's ass!

hkgamer1507d ago

leon. with his track record the games he is in just gets worse and worse.


claire track record.

2 = code

actually, if we look back at the main female characters in re, they tend to be in better games then the males :P

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bigboss19901507d ago

I'm not sold on another co op resident evil and they should just put Barry in it as a playable character and its gonna be on last gen too hopefully i will eat my words...

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