Dead Rising 3 receives 1.5GB day one PC patch

Yesterday’s arrival of Dead Rising 3 for PC brought with it some pretty lofty expectations. The E3 announcement that Capcom was bringing its open world survival horror to the platform was met with a strong positive response, and ever since we’ve been counting down the days in anticipation.

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hkgamer1529d ago

why disnt they just use mt framework?

first time i laid my eyes on dr3 i just knew this engine wasnt up to scratch.

DillyDilly1529d ago

Is the Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha included with the PC version ?

Nodoze1529d ago

Great work again Crapcom! Watched videos of this at 1080p and still was not impressed. Textures look terrible. Pop in shadows galore. A sophomoric next gen effort at best. Too bad as dead rising was one of my favorites last gen....well except for Otis.

Mega241529d ago

Yeah because watching compressed videos is the way to pass judgment this days. smh

Nodoze1524d ago

Um compressed video can create pop in shadows? No sir!

GusBricker1529d ago

Better than Xbox One's 16GBs. Talk about a big damn patch!