Frugal Gaming Review | Official Sony PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0

This is the part that usually boils my piss when it comes to setting up new headsets on the PS4. It’s usually a case of connecting a dongle, audio cables or optical leads and then scouring the console setting to make sure everything is honky dory.

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ShowGun9011504d ago

cant beat these for $100... just got my white set from gamestop this week, cant believe how light & comfy they are! pawned my old ones off on my wife LOL! also, the companion app is awesome, crank up that bass!

medman1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Man, when these dropped to 69.99 on amazon...I picked them up immediately!!! Great value for the money, thanks Sony!!! The only "problem" I've found with them is that sometimes they don't reproduce the sound correctly from games...particularly games without a custom sound setting made by the developers. I notice it when going from my surround speakers and sub to the headset...not sure if that is affected if I would change the preset sound settings in the app...if someone has experienced this also let me know.

Baka-akaB1504d ago

Well to be fair you can't expect the same sound from a surround with actual multiple sources of audio , vs fake surround , even for the most expensive of those headsets .

But i get it a bit , the sound obviously isnt perfect , but it doesnt get any better within gaming sets at such prices

Rowco1471504d ago

So I've got a pretty decent surround sound but I'm looking into these. Is there any benefit you see having them even though you have a sound system already?

Baka-akaB1503d ago

Well headsets can be a bit more helpful in mp sessions , and obviously it's perfect for voice chat ... that's pretty much it

That and of course having a good sound if you need to turn off or down the surround at night

FrugalDaz1504d ago

I mainly use them at night as my young daughter is asleep, so I can't really blast out my surround system.

Also, I think using headphones enables you to immerse yourself in the game a bit more as it cuts out any ambient noise.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1504d ago

Awesome Sony headsets. Love mine, haven't used them in a week or two because I haven't been playing much. But they're really really good.

FrugalDaz1504d ago

I have been using mine to play The Last of Us, makes it a much more intimate experience when you are using a decent headset like this. The Clickers sound even scarier, which I didn't think was possible

ShowGun9011504d ago

it really helps the MP also, sounds like you're really there!

ramiuk11503d ago

i have a pretty good surround system in house but last of us with cans on is just so immersive,but i think part of that is the fact that the audio in last of us is nailed(the setup in menu is awesome)