Almost 16,000 Xbox One Pre-Orders Boasted by Chinese Online Retailer Two Weeks From Launch

Xbox One is speeding towards its Chinese launch, which will happen in a little more than two weeks (16 days to be precise), and today you get a little glimpse on the pre-order situation.

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qwerty6761502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

i think its going to have a mildy successful launch then taper off but remain steady

400-500k sounds reasonable.

NatureOfLogic_1502d ago

Looks like China will save Xbox One./s So much for closing the gap. MS should realize that Xbox One isn't relevant outside of US and UK. Hoping that any other country will save Xbox One or close the 3:1 gap is nothing but wishful thinking. They should focus on their primary markets where people actually buy Xbox.

qwerty6761502d ago

well its still to early to call. it could have a great first week then just taper off.

and you have to keep in mind ps4 will launch there eventually which might be more successful over there and actually widen the sales gap between XB1.

IrishSt0ner1502d ago

Never knew the gap was 3:1, source?

NewMonday1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


so the install base will be 0.00001 in China

oh! and China is one of the countries the PS4 didn't launch in yet, Sony set up a big partnership to sell the console over there and has bigger anticipation..

Eonjay1502d ago


Wow that is really disproportionate. Thats a 5:1 margin.

thexmanone1502d ago

You know what I DON`T CARE. Got to go, I have games to play on my Xbox.

NeoGamer2321502d ago

If xb has strength in china, us, and uk not much else matters.

Outside of Germany and France these are the only countries that are required for it to have strong support from developers.

China is a really brilliant move for ms to get in first. This helps promote the many Chinese development shops to make their games on xb. It is not only about having Chinese gamers buy an xb, it is probably more about giving Chinese developers a way into the living room and then localizing the games around the world.

WilDRangeRfc1502d ago

10 million - 5 million that's 2-1 my friend,you should stick to playing your PS4 instead of constantly trolling Xbox

nicksetzer11502d ago

Are you guys insane? This is just recerring to PREORDERS from ONE retailer who only covers about 2% of thr chinese population.... try reading once and a while. That is pretty impressive, also, lots of people, but a pretty small proportion (compared to somewhere like say, USA) who can afford it.

donthate1502d ago

I love how everybody skips this part, because it doesn't fit with their agenda:

"According to Tech in Asia, Suning holds 2% of the Chinese market share, which could mean a total of 780,859 pre-orders. Of course this is just an empirical calculation and it shouldn’t be taken as solid data, but if the Xbox One managed to get close to that number of consoles sold at launch in China, it would definitely be a success."

That is one online retailer that holds 2% of the Chinese market alone has 16k pre-orders!

Looks like the Chinese loves America. They sure love their cars!

choujij1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Anyone remember this?:

And how did things go a couple of days ago?

Yeah, I think I'll just wait for the launch sales reports.

Kribwalker1502d ago

Online sales things went well. Stayed number 1 and 3 yobadashi camera for at least 24 hrs, and was top 20 on amazon aswell.

redwin1502d ago

The business climate for American companies in china is very bad. It is taxed heavily by the government. It's a way of keeping their product more attractive than the imports. GM and Apple are also having a hard time there. The climate for American product is so bad that they are banding windows and getting their own operating system. If they do that, they will be able to control everything digital in their country including the media. So, MS has to win the heart of government in china and the patriots in japan, lol, no problem.

gootimes1502d ago

It will be interesting to see both X1's and PS4's numbers when they launch in China. I wonder how the market will welcome consoles.

donthate1502d ago


That applies to any company in China. China isn't for free and open market with competitive forces, unless it is for Chinese owned companies.

US companies aren't even allowed to do business in China unless there is local (read Chinese) ownership.

I'm Chinese, but it is quite disgusting when you are used to open and free competitive market.

That said, Japanese products don't sell nearly as well as American products. Case in point, Toyota and GM. GM is total sh!t cars, and they sell like hot cakes over there, and Toyota isn't as popular.

I own a Toyota and they are way better cars!

In short, nobody will ever win over China's government. They don't want to rely on others period!

Japan's nationalism though, is an uphill battle in a nation where console gaming is in stark decline. Hardly worth pursuing other than trying to get the few notable Japanese game developers left.

ramiuk11501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

they did focus on the places that want one and now the people who want one have one.
mgith aswell stop production now

jk people, i want MS to start to catch up because it only makes the industry better and consumers benefit in end

AndrewLB1501d ago

How do you figure? The PS4 is available in 4x the number of countries that the Xbone is. The Xbox 360 sold over 20 million consoles to those 60 or so countries as of 2011. Only a rabid fanboy would make such a ridiculous claim that Xbone is not relevant in countries it hasn't even started selling in.

And considering how many more countries Sony has the PS4 in, I'm actually surprised that they don't have even higher sales.

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Apex131502d ago

Lol, is your 400-500k your professional view, you know the Chines market well then lol

Rickgrimes951502d ago

16,000 is a very low number considering china has the largest population in the world. Just in a business sense I don't know if it's worth it for Microsoft to release it over there. Maybe long term but short term 16,000 is nothing

Eonjay1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The basic idea is to get a foothold in untapped markets from my understanding.

Docknoss1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Yet one of the poorest, they also love American products like vehicles and don't like Japanese products. The Chinese our notorious for hating the Japanese for killing millions of Chinese during world war 2. I think the Xbox has a better chance at selling.

OrangePowerz1502d ago


That's an old view and doesn't apply anymore to the general public, it's like saying that the Japanese still hate America.

KidBroSweets21502d ago


While I agree with your premise with the old views, you have the Japanese and American view backwards since it was the Japanese that attacked us first. So it would really be like us saying we (Americans) hate the Japanese which we don't. At this point all it is, is history that you remember. Hell, even Germany isn't frowned upon anymore. But just let Docknoss come up with whatever nonsense he needs to, to make him feel better about his own purchase.

Concertoine1502d ago

Well this is just one retailer, to be fair.

This is more than i expected in a country dominated by piracy and PC gaming

beerzombie1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

They are some of poorest people also including India they have people who just will not have cash to pay for this type of stuff and eat that's why free to play is very popular there. for industrial countries.

mhunterjr1502d ago

Not really, considering only a fraction of the country has buying power, only a faction of that are gamers, only a fraction of that are interested in console games. Now throw in the fact that these numbers are from retailer with just two percent marketshare, and you have what extrapolates to be a healthy launch.

You should be looking at it in terms of the market, not the overall population.

AndrewLB1501d ago

You guys have HORRIBLE reading comprehension. The article says that the 16k preorders are from a single online retailer in China, who only commands about 2% market share.

If other retailers have similar preorder numbers, it works out to be roughly 768,000 pre-ordered Xbones.

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lelo2play1502d ago

What's surprising from those numbers is that X1 with Kinect has way more orders then the Kinectless X1.

Rob_Ko1502d ago

because kinect is actually one cool feature of xbox. Hardcore gamers doesn't care, but kinect is what makes xbox special

mcstorm1502d ago

Rob your spot on. For me I had to get the Xbox one with Kinect as it really makes the console stand out. Each to there own though but I do expect the Xbox one with Kinect to see more bundles going forward but its good to have the option of not having Kinect for people who don't want it.

XxExacutionerxX1502d ago

Maybe someone should take photos 2 to 3 hour after the console launch just to make it seem like no one bought the Xbox One in China, just like Japan.

r2oB1502d ago

How where the photos taken after launch when most of the stores were closed in the photos? It seems like they were taken before the stores opened, which is when people are usually lined up waiting to get a ticket to buy the product.

Gamer19821502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

16k (800k if your doing estimations of all retailers) just to put that in perspective the population of China is 1.35 billion. USA is 313 million. 16k (800k) is extremely low.. This is not a fanboy shot or anything just crunching the numbers here if that number is true.. Not suprprising though as chinese havnt had consoles for many years now and love there PCs not to mention they have been importing playstations and wiis from Japan as close by. So I think some may be waiting for that.. Unsure if PS will sell though in a country that loves its PC gaming and hasnt had a console legally in a long time.

Concertoine1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The thing is the Chinese population is totally different than the american one. Consoles have been banned there for over a decade, the gaming population has therefore been pirating and pc gaming for a long time. Also a lot of people in China don't have disposable income to just go spent the equivalent of 800 bucks on a Xbone.

Im not sure how good the launch numbers will be but 16k from ONE retailer 2 weeks before launch is not enough to go on at all.

gameon19851502d ago

Dude just knock it off, If it does in fact 780,859 that would be 200,000 over what Microsoft predicted, and that is nothing but success. Besides, this data is only from ONE retailer.

mhunterjr1502d ago

You've got an amateurish way of interpreting data. While the US has a lower population, a higher percentage of Americans would have the income to justify a console purchase. Also, the console market is proportionately larger in the US. And the Xbox is proportionally more expensive in china. Also, if I'm not mistake, only the free-zone in china will participate in this market.

You are making a 1:1 comparison, but the comparison is invalid.

VforVideogames1502d ago

China showing some love for Xbox One.

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Ksar1502d ago

China will definitely help em turn the tide now.

ShowGun9011502d ago

...even if you do the math (assuming thats accurate, which all our figures are armchair LOL) thats STILL only 800,000... it will still help, but that says nothing about how many ps4s will sell there...

f50liv_imposter11502d ago

A recent survey showed 5:1 margin in favour of Ps4 so if you do the calculations the Ps4 would sell 4 000 000

Nekroo911502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Of course it will ... when the two major eletronic retailers for tech, JD and Tmall, dont have 1 thousand pre orders each.

Yet those numbers could be wrong for xbox sake.

Dont forget the console is region locked and they arent able to play games like Halo, Titanfall, Cod etc

DigitalRaptor1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


Didn't we get the same kind of news about Japanese pre-orders? and look at how that turned out.

larrysdirtydrawss1501d ago

sony will be there soon enough with all their free to play games

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Cryptech1502d ago

16,000 out of 1.4 Billion. Not too bad, lol.

Abriael1502d ago

Someone missed that it's one retailer.

MRMagoo1231502d ago

Still not a lot for a popular online retailer in a country with over a billion ppl 2 weeks before launch. Trying to say it is makes no sense.

Wikkid6661502d ago


You must have missed that this is from a small online retailer that only has 2% marketshare.

So that doesn't include all the other larger online retailers or the local retail shops.

All_Consoles1502d ago

You do realize an extremely large majority either don't game or don't have disposable income

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