Rockman 9: 'The Shadow' Speaks

Protodude's Rockman Blog is claiming to have received inside information on the rumored Mega Man 9 from a Capcom beta tester. Keep in mind this is still a rumor at this point. New tidbits include:

- Mega Man 9 will feature a retro 8-bit art style, a homage to the earlier games.

- Two playable characters: Megaman and ProtoMan. Each has their own unique storylines.

- A popular belief is that MM9 will act as the 'link' to the events of the X Series. This is not so, The storyline DOES NOT lead into the X Series, rather it's a 'traditional' plot.

- Gameplay is reminiscent of Megaman 3-6.

- Online components: Leader boards and some unknown form of online play.

- MM9 will be on all major home consoles: Wii, X360 and PS3. X360 and PS3 users will be able to purchase the game from their respective download services. It's unknown how the Wii version will work, whether it will be a downloaded game or not.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3778d ago

Mega Man like mega man 64 that was one of the only games i enjoyed on my 64

DarkSniper3778d ago

This is excellent news. As a longtime fan of the Mega Man series however, Dark Sniper prefers the announcement of Mega Man X9. As the previous titles from X5 on foward, it will more than likely be exclusive to PLAYSTATION®3.


Smacktard3778d ago

Jimmy likes Megaman X series more than the regular Megaman series. Jimmy hopes they do create another Megaman X game, and that it is good (like Megaman X-X5), and available on all consoles! Jimmy respects DarkSniper's point though. Jimmy likes DarkSniper. Jimmy wants to ask DarkSniper out.

Jimmy can jump really high.

(High-five for anyone that gets the reference)

Aclay3778d ago

Screw Megaman 9 for the PS3, I want a Megaman Legends 2 remake for the PS3, or a Megaman Legends 3 for the PS3.

SantanaClaus893778d ago

why everyone loves Megaman Legends so much... I played them and they were ok, but I prefer the classic and X series.

I'll admit that I really enjoyed Megaman X Command Mission, though. I wish they would make a sequal for that one.

Alexander Roy3778d ago

I grew up with MegaMan and I would love to see a new one that is just the good old platforming action with 8 robotmasters and Rush and stuff. Try something new, but keep it basic.
I loved the MM and MMX series, never finished a single MMZ or ZX and the BattleNetwork and Starforce series can **** my ***** - I played all of them, so I don't just bash them for being different, I just plain didn't like them.
Damn, I'd pay the full price if that one was finally a decent game again and not some bastardization.

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