Joystiq Jihad: Was Grand Theft Auto IV Inspired by Al-Qaida?

Via Spiegel: "Islamist forums are abuzz with a new theory: The designers of the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, they say, were inspired by killing methods developed by al-Qaida. But did the idea for the car bombs and suicide attacks in the game really come from Osama bin Laden?"

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doshey3776d ago

where do these theorys come from

Time Lord3776d ago

This is beyond ridiculous!

Vip3r3776d ago

All this GTA bashing has gone too far.

PSWe603776d ago

apparently saying something bad about the Wii will get you restricted from the Gamer zone, oh well.

I digress,

This "theory" will only give more amunition for the idiot politicians who are hating on GTA.

one more thing, FUKC YOU MOD GUY, Wii still sucks

Luca Blight3776d ago

who cares where it came from?