Free Gears of War Giveaway, that plus more in XBLR ver 31.0

A FEAST of gaming info-

Tech News: -AOL is once again changing the way it operates. -Cell Phones that track your every movement. -The ZUNE: features and functionality. -The Intercooler tries to chill the accusations. -100 dollar 360s

Console Crimes: -W.O.W. gives more players the boot. -The PS3 and John Edwards GAME NEWS: -HALO2 and the 360. -GEARS of WAR 2? Not yet but new content is on the way. -A new FPS with 4 player co-op. Just what we need.

GAME REVIEWS: -Tiger Woods 07 TOG tees off once again with Tiger Woods 07. -F.E.A.R. Was your local gaming store out of Gears? I doubt that. -Gears of WAR The highly anticipated Cliffy B. project is finally out. Does it live up to all the hoopla.

Plus: Useless tips. Our Gears of War giveaway. Poll feedback. and more..

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