Hyrule Warriors is roughly a 7GB download

Hyrule Warriors is just around the corner, and I know a lot of you Wii U owners like to plan out how much space you'll need if you're going the download route. Today I can confirm that the game clocks in at 7.08GB. It's not quite as gargantuan as say, Tropical Freeze (11GB), but it's sizable enough where you might want to clear out something if you don't already have an external hard-drive.

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MSBAUSTX1502d ago

Starting to get really impatient for this title. I want it really bad.

acekaze1502d ago

I was interested till they revelaed no online play, now not really

Gemmol1502d ago

I felt the same way too, but after watching more gameplay and seeing more stuff that they added, I come to conclusion this could be a really fun game that people will miss out because its similarities to Dynasty Warriors

Xof1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Your loss.

Musou multiplayer tends to be terrible, anyway.

ZeekQuattro1502d ago

Not just that it can be hard to find players online. I have Gundam DW Reborn for the PS3 for instance and I usually struggle to find people even at different times of day.

acekaze1500d ago

thats my problem with this game, i always get bored with musou games even in coop, so i cant really see how zelda is any diferent apart of having different characters, since i was never really into musou, i am really not into this game, but i was still planning to get it but without the online i just dont have enough reasons to get it, since i am not a big fan of musou in the 1 place, the thing that most interests me on this game is the classic mode they put in it =)

NintySonySoft1502d ago

Same i was looking forward to it too :I