Today is Deadline Day for EA's Latest Take-Two Offer

GamePolitics: "GamePolitics readers may recall that Electronic Arts' latest tender offer for outstanding Take-Two shares expires today.

Will EA extend its deadline? Raise its offer price? Drop out?

An extension seems likely, given that the Federal Trade Commission has not completed an evaluation of whether an EA takeover of T2 would have antitrust implications. As we've reported, Take-Two is dragging its heels on that process, and an annoyed FTC is dragging T2 into court over the matter next week. And, of course, EA has placed the acquisition on hold, pending the FTC's findings."

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cp683869d ago

I certainly hope they freaking drop out..enough is enough.
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Drekken3869d ago

If gamers would be as passionate about politics as they are about gaming, a lot of the worlds problems would be solved... but instead we waste all of our energy on a pointless Orange Box petition.


jadenkorri3869d ago

if EA slaps the logo on GTA its ruined... thou i can't imagine them taking T2 after the mediocre release of GTA4, I am referring to gameplay wise, not sales, i know the sales were though the roof, but the game it self was repetitive and boring.