It's Going be a Busy Fall With Upcoming Games

SephDean Wrote: Well so far fellow gamers, we’ve finally come to an end to our gaming drought over the summer. And now its time for the beginning of Fall and we have some new game releases to quench that drought away!

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KYPRIME1529d ago

haha marked the xbox symbol, i guess this guy hasn't heard that xbox one is xbox done

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1529d ago

Just Destiny and Far cry 4 for me. And maybe GTA V Remastered for PS4.

SavageKuma1529d ago

Yes I am looking forward to Far Cry 4. Love the series.

ScottyHoss1529d ago

It's a day one buy for me, first time playing the series. Might get DC too, Destiny is a must though.

oof461529d ago

Some great game isn't going to get the attention it needs and will fail.

SavageKuma1529d ago

What great game is that?

oof461529d ago

We'll see after the holiday season. It always happens because publishers cram most of their games between September to December.

GenericNameHere1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Games I have no doubt will flop
•Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
•Lords of the Fallen
•The Evil Within

Games I have no doubt will not flop, but still have disappointing results
•The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors
•Bayonetta 2
•Assassin's Creed Rogue

oof461529d ago

Shadow of Mordor looks like it might be the sleeper hit of the holiday season. But there are too many games and gamers can't buy all of them.

GenericNameHere1529d ago

Sorry, Destiny! Will only be spending money on Persona 4 Ultimax this month. Had fun with the beta, but not enough money :(

As for October, I will be getting Smash 3DS and importing Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix. I already got the US version pre-ordered at GameStop, but I want to play the game ASAP. Already played and beaten all KH games so far, and understand basic Japanese, so the language barrier won't be too big.

For November, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, and LittleBigPlanet 3, Persona Q, and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

December, just the US version of KHII.5HDR.

Not a whole lot, but still packed IMO.

morganfell1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Below is taken from my Best Buy preorder from mast week. They still are listing the incorrect day for Bayonetta 2 and of course no firm date for GTA V. There are still a few other titles I am getting that may be download only such as Styx Master of Shadows.

1 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition PlayStation 4
SKU: 6389179

Pre-order release date is November 3.

1 Assassins Creed Rogue PlayStation 3
MODEL: UBP3040101
SKU: 7842013

Pre-order release date is November 11.

1 Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition PlayStation 4
MODEL: UBP3050096
SKU: 7630002

Pre-order release date is November 18.

1 Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Wii U
SKU: 8713053

Pre-order release date is December 31.

1 Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4
MODEL: 12345
SKU: 7358056

Pre-order release date is December 31.

1 Middleearth Shadow of Mordor PlayStation 4
MODEL: 1000381350
SKU: 3025013

Pre-order release date is September 30.

1 Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Flame of Anor PlayStation 4 Digital Download AddOn
SKU: 1000004562

Pre-order release date is 09/30/2014

1 Crimes Punishments Sherlock Holmes PlayStation 4
MODEL: 791267
SKU: 4860006

Pre-order release date is September 30.

1 DriveClub PlayStation 4
SKU: 8677115

Pre-order release date is October 7.

1 Alien Isolation Nostromo Edition PlayStation 4
MODEL: 63200
SKU: 4121012

Pre-order release date is October 7.

1 Lords of the Fallen PlayStation 4
MODEL: C16020
SKU: 5782136

Pre-order release date is October 28.

1 The Evil Within PlayStation 4
MODEL: 11855
SKU: 1693258

Pre-order release date is October 14.

1 Destiny Limited Edition Game Guide PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 Xbox One Xbox 360
MODEL: 9780744015
SKU: 8792003

Pre-order release date is September 9.

I also have the Ghost addition for Destiny coming as well as my White PS4 and Playstation TV. The White Headset actually shipped a week early and arrived 2 days ago. Best Buy sent me an email with an updated release on the PlayStation TV:

1 Sony PlayStation TV System
SKU: 6731028

Pre-order release date is 10/14/2014.

Going to be a great fall for gaming.

GenericNameHere1529d ago

Aren't you supposed to keep the Model and SKU numbers private and not tell the whole world?

morganfell1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

No. Everyone buys a certain product gets the same model and sku when purchzasing from the same chain. If you want a laugh look at the GTAV model number. And the list above is an amalgam of 3 different orders from last week and the week before.

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