Silent Hills to be shown on Konami's TGS stage

Rely on Horror: Konami's Tokyo Game Show lineup has been revealed and we can now confirm that P.T. / Silent Hills will be making an appearance. With a supposed release set sometime in 2016, it didn't seem likely that we'd see a lot more from this game so soon after its reveal, but according to Konami's own TGS lineup page, P.T. will not only be shown, but it will also get a spotlight on Konami's conference stage.

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98xpresent1529d ago

This is actually my most anticipated game of this generation.

DarkOcelet1529d ago

Mine too , its a shame if its true about 2016 window release but i know it will be a masterpiece i will never forget :) .

Matt6661529d ago

I thoght it was a 2015 release date

Arsenic131529d ago

Because the platform tags are on the site for PT.

PLASTICA-MAN1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Please dare to explain, here is the site of P.T:

I only see Playstation everywhere. The TGS presentation will be on PS4 of course and I am sure at the Sony conference, they will tlak about it again.

I hope the stage demo won't reveal much like the stage demos of MGSV. Siletn Hills has to keep its secrets.

HanzoHattori1529d ago

The only tags on the site are Sony and Konami. Plastica-man is right.

Arsenic131529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Sony PR email from Gamescom. Notice the lack of the 'exclusive to' label.

PLASTICA-MAN1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Just after I posted this news:

The notorious trolling site got that same news from me but altered it to make it sound as if the game is coming to XBone too to get some hits:

And look what happened: the game IS PS4 EXCLUSIVE.

Just because a random under ground BLOG (which is against N4G rules, posting BS from other dimensions' blogs) posted that about P.T dioes not mean it won't be exclusive. It seems you really NEVER looked at Konami site: do have a mouse with a wheel?

1- Open this site:

2- Scroll down

3- keep scrolling till you reach the bottom of the page

4- read this (use glasses if you can't see):

"P.T., the world's first "Playable Teaser", is available now, ONLY ON PS4TM. and the PSN Store below.

Try harder next time. (It seems you are very pissed off about this, get a PS4 to play it, you won't regret and stop waiting "desperately" for it on the other platform you own it).

Edit: at below, the Kojima twee t you psoted might support both meanings: whether there is so much demand for P.T so it must release even on your cafeteria and then ruin it, or it means that Kojima was insinuating that if you want to play it so badly, just get a damn PS4.

Arsenic131529d ago

Angry? No, I'm not the one pushing that this is confirmed a PS4 exclusive so militantly. If it is, so be it. But there's a thing in this industry called strategy. Sometimes these strategic announcements have information excluded for the sake of perceived exclusivity (Tomb Raider, MGR on the Xbox E3 conference).

Also, maybe it's because you're on this site a lot, but not everyone cries about exclusivity. It happens and there are business reasons behind it, which are understandable for the level-headed.

The other platform tags were also added to this post because this site, N4G, has them in the game database. Ask the mods to remove them if it's an issue for you.

With a Sony Gamescom PR email failing to say there's exclusivity and MGSV just being announced for Steam, it's safe to say that the likelihood of an exclusive SH game this gen is thin.


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akurtz1529d ago

cant wait to see what they show

VsAssassin1529d ago

Thanks to an ingenious reveal in the form of P.T., SHs is now quite visible in the gaming horizon once again. I've always been an SH fan; even Homecoming and Downour I loved -- the latter was pretty good for its wonderfully integrated side missions.

Agent_hitman1529d ago

I like the demo, the graphics are very realistic. Konami along with Kojima productions did a great job. I hope that the final product will allow players to choose from 1st person to 3rd person view..

Muzikguy1529d ago

2016?! Daaaaaaaammmnnn.... Guess that gives me a long time to try and beat the thing. I was hoping with a teaser being released, the game wouldn't be too far off. I was wrong about that one!

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