4 Insane Destiny Marketing Campaigns That Would Blow Your Mind

Mike from Twinfinite writes, " In the past few days in particular, we’ve seen such stunts as having a developer go skydiving to promote it, and even a line of Destiny Cologne being advertised. While those are some impressively bonkers tactics for promoting their video game, I think Bungie and Activision can step it up even further leading up to September 9th. Here are a few ideas."

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DallasTrout1505d ago

Didn't Infamous: Second Son have some kind of neon condom that came with a special edition of the game?

Ripsta7th1505d ago

Yup that was the pre order bonus from Gamestop in Italy

llxKonanxll1505d ago

I don't know why but i'm still not sold on the game.. Is something wrong with me?

itisallaboutps1505d ago

It was great till the content on the game was least then expected. Too bad I pre order mine off psn and I can't get a refund

OUROSMAG1505d ago

You mean the content in the beta caused you to cancel your pre order? O_o

BiggCMan1505d ago

PSIN4MANT. No, he means that the game is confirmed to have only 4 explorable areas, and rumored to have like 30 to 40 story missions.

There's no true open world in it either. Before all this news, Bungie kind of gave the impression that Destiny was going to be an extremely large game. Perhaps allowing us to explore an entire solar system, and fly ships, and roam an open world.

But the game is far less ambitious and big as lots of people thought. And that's what he is trying to explain.

Now, that doesn't in any way mean it won't be awesome. I'm still extremely excited for the game because, above all else, it's fun as shit and beautiful. But it's not quite what I expected it to be, and it more along the lines of a bigger Halo.

desertpunk861505d ago

all this exclusive content crap did nothing but turned me off and confused me to the point where i had to search on Google to make sure i didn't had to wait a year for the season pass on xbox im not a big fan of third party exclusives tomb raider,no mans sky and Bayonetta 2 got me all stressed out because im not rich.

oasdada1505d ago

1st party is ok.. but third party exclusives sux..

Rimeskeem1505d ago

Why is everyone pissed at sony for getting third party exclusive stuff for this game?

MS does it way more often and people are just fine with it but if Sony does it all the shite goes down.

Dynasty20211505d ago

I don't know why people care about exclusives any way.

Exclusives are rarely worth it, and eventually get released to everyone later on.

Rimeskeem1504d ago

Unless they are made by a studio that is owned by the company.