Unboxing the Ghost Edition of Destiny

The game servers may not be live until September 8th, but that doesn't mean we can't unbox the Ghost Edition of the game! Check out these 22 images and a short video of the Ghost in action.

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Knightshade1507d ago

Only if you didn't go to the site and look at all the pictures.

inf3cted11507d ago

Now the question that I want to know is what is the Ghost's material... like if its good quality or Mcdonalds toy quality

Knightshade1507d ago

It's very, very solid construction. The Ghost itself is quite heavy.

inf3cted11507d ago

I got a reply from the video author (not sure if you are the same), its made of heavy gauge plastic.

Although that might give a nice feel to it I feel that the build quality and materials should match its high price.

mogwaii1507d ago

All these shitty limited adition versions of games are an absolute rip off, no way id be spending $200 for plastic toy, a tin and some bits of paper, i guess hype and marketing works on alot of people though, gullible.

Bulau121507d ago

People can buy what they want. Calm down. We all work to make money, to buy what we want. People have that right. I'm sure you bought something that would make me think, "ooh, that's stupid." But I'm not gonna call you gullible. It's you money, do with what you will.

mogwaii1507d ago

The main point is these companies know too well that what they offer is all over price usless tat that will end up land fill and people fall for it but most consumers are un informed plebs.