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First they gave us tanks, then planes, and now battleships? is going the whole nine yards and giving us yet another flavor of war. World of Warships is a different beast thank Tanks or Warplanes; this time around, instead of the frantic, twitchy gameplay we’re used to, Warships offers a steady, deliberate pace to its action.

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Knightshade1596d ago

Warships looked pretty amazing at E3. Being able to shoot over the top of islands to take out carriers on the other side? Yea...this is more my type of game.

Codewow1596d ago

We need more games like this and Battlestations: Midway. If a developer could make a game like Planetside2 but modern, it would be a blast. Ships battling it out, submarines assisting, helicopters supporting ships and soldiers on land, planes supporting ships and soldiers, soldiers working towards capturing land. Tanks blowing up soldiers. Complete all out war. If they could fit 200 people in one game or something, it would be one of my favorite games to play ever. As long as it's done right.

Knightshade1596d ago

That's the tough part, right? Getting a solid dev/publisher to get enough cycles and money behind it to make it something worthwhile. Midway was ALMOST there.

bumnut1595d ago

Loved Battlefield 1942 back in the day, I hoped future BF games would be exactly like you just described....... but we end up with BF4 :(

CorndogBurglar1596d ago

This game gives me that sinking feeling...

Knightshade1596d ago

Badoom, tiss! I'll be here all week.