Daily Delib: What do You Think of Waluigi?

Hoo boy, Waluigi... He's perhaps the nuttiest character in the Mario cast, and he's by far the most divisive. I may be asking for a bloodbath with this question, but here we go...

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Exodecai1507d ago

If not his own game, I think it's about time for a "Super Wario Bros" game or for him to make an appearance in WarioWare... regardless, it's time Waluigi appear in something that wasn't a Party or Sports game.

Snookies121507d ago

Super Wario Bros would be awesome, lol. Have them as the anti-heroes going to steal Peach or Daisy for Bowser...

-Foxtrot1507d ago

I like that idea but if we take a solo Waluigi game I hope it's something which sets it apart from Mario and Luigi games. I mean even the Wario Land games feel different. We don't just want a reskinned New Super Mario Bros game do we.

If it was going to be a Wario and Waluigi game I wouldn't mind it being a 3D platformer game, like a bunch of heist missions, where you have to sneak into different locations, steal something and manage to carry it out use gadgets and quick wit to get it past enemies and stuff. Something similar Taz Express. So the first part of the mission is getting the item, the second is getting it out safley witout destroying it.

Seeing as Taz Express was an Europe only game some people might not have a clue what I'm talking about. It was basically you taking a package through the level, overcoming obstacles, enemies and traps. Was really good as a puzzle platforming game.

Jirachi1507d ago

Waluigi is okay but it makes me mad that people he should be playble in smash over daisy. daisy has actually been in a canon mario game.

super mario land is as canon as nsmb they both were made by tezuka

Sheed1506d ago

Waluigi might be one of the most pathetic video game characters ever.

ShowGun9011506d ago

i think its Nintendo kinda making fun of themselves a little. everybody knows Wario was kinda a lame idea, so they ran with it, thereby making it completely ridiculous! but in a good way!

i dunno, i just cant believe they designed him seriously... kinda like an inside joke.

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