Shuhei Yoshida - Part One

In late February broke the news that Phil Harrison was leaving Sony to join Atari - a move that many questioned initially, as much because Harrison had become synonymous with the Sony Worldwide Studios name as the Infogrames/Atari struggles were well documented.

Last month Sony named Shuhei Yoshida as his successor, a man heavily involved with the PlayStation project from the very beginning, and who worked closely with Harrison over the years.

In part one of the interview with Yoshida-san, he looks back over the changes to Sony Computer Entertainment, offers an insight into the importance of creativity, and addresses the somehwat controversial cancellation of Eight Days and The Getaway. Part two of this interview, which looks at the future of the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable, will be published tomorrow.

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sandip7873870d ago

give me back harrison

Syko3870d ago

Seems a little harsh sandip, I mean for me personally I hated Sony Pre-PS3 launch and for a while after launch. For a while now though all the problems I had with Sony from the price, lack of games, to the smug "You will buy our console no matter what" type attitude has been fixed. Which is the reason I bought a PS3 in February. I'd say give him some time. Sony seems to be on the right track and Yoshida wants to keep up the momentum. Seems fine in my book.

sandip7873870d ago

i completely agree with you man, theres no denying their attitude was aweful. i guess im just miffed at 8 days and getaway and afrika lol.