Watch God Eater 2: Rage Burst Tested on PS4; New Trailer and Stage Event Coming at Tokyo Game Show

Namco Bandai announced a few days ago that God Eater 2 will appear on PS4 (and re-appear on PS Vita) as God Eater 2: Rage Burst, and today you get to catch a glimpse on the PS4 version and more.

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Gamer4life8881530d ago

Absolutely cannot wait for this

jonboi241530d ago

Game is looking for the PS4 version. Though I wonder if this is just an up-res version of the Vita version.

Tetsdah1529d ago

I think it might be, because it could be cross compatible multi with the vita version. Looking forward to scooping it up, it looks pretty good.

Blank1530d ago

Yes!!! I have been waiting forever for news on god eater 2!! for localization of course im happy of its for ps4 but a concern of mine is will it still carry over my stuff from the first game?? Well either way im pumped! And ready!!

Abriael1529d ago

hate to be "that guy" but "Jap" is considered quite disrespectful and derogatory.

Myst-Vearn1529d ago

In WW2? come on...most people are not old enough to KNOW that Jap used to be offensive. Taking the first 3 letters to abbreviate a word is common and logical, nobody means it as an offensive term.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081529d ago

And you're getting disagrees because of what you said was right!
hmm, don't understand that at all. I too think saying 'Jap' is disrespectful.

OT: i really hope they localize this, looks fun!

sinspirit1529d ago


Tell me.. Which nationality do people typically abbreviate. Most people that say "Jap" use it offensively. I've heard it, mainly from ignorant rednecks. It's still an offensive term and it's also offensive not to put forth the effort to say their entire nationality, "Japanese".

KwietStorm1529d ago

Really man it's almost 2015

dcj05241529d ago

JAP WHT BLK MEX BRIT AU whatever. All abbreviations.

sinspirit1529d ago


British people use the term "Brit". It was made up by British people, and has never been used as an insult in itself.

White and black aren't nationalities. Those are skin colors.

Can't put forth the effort to say "Mexican"? It's honestly offensive just to not put effort into saying what someones nationality is.

Au? You're going to reference Australians as "Au"? The term is Aussie, and again has never been an itself by itself.

"Jap" used to be a term commonly to do with racist insults. Do you call Chinese people "Chink"? Do you get why? Because, they have insulting origins. Not everywhere is the same, not every term has the same circumstance. Respect it.

MeteorPanda1530d ago

localisation! c'mon namco!

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The story is too old to be commented.