Review: See No Evil (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard, DarkZero: "One area of gaming I truly enjoy is being introduced to independent developed video games. These smaller titles come in all shapes and sizes, and usually offer something different than your standard blockbuster games. Also, I find that you can never know all of these indie games, so occasionally one game will release and surprise you by how good it is. This is exactly what happened with See No Evil, a refreshing puzzle game developed by Gabriel Priske, a young guy who has earned experience working at Trendy Entertainment before he left to turn his side project into a full-time commitment with some colleagues. See No Evil also featured on the popular Kickstarter website, asking for a minimal $2,500 to get the game done for the end of summer. I also didn't know it was on there - this game truly did go under my radar. Summer is virtually over and this wonderful little gem is now on Steam for everyone to check out, and I fully recommend you do.

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