The Unusual Excellence Of Halo's Best Level

You're playing a shooter. Some Marine stands in front of you, barking out commands. Whatever he's saying doesn't really matter—it translates to little more than "shoot the bad guys!" Eventually, he steps out of the way, you run forward, and you dash through narrow corridors, using a host of weapons that more or less function exactly the same.

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qwerty6761565d ago

i remember that level.

brings back memories.

XBLSkull1565d ago

I prefer "Halo" and "Assault on the Control Room" from this game. Certainly in the top 10 over all the games.

Jonny5isalive1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

I agree with the article that halo is one of the best games ever(alot thos) and one of the bset FPS ever for its time. There are alot of those to choose from too. Mine are Half-life 1 and Deus Ex 1. But stuff like Doom, Goldeneye and Halo could fit too. Same with COD 4 and Bioshock and Duke nukem. Goldeneye and then halo, and then COD 4 each got people that didnt play many FPS to play FPS like crazy.

Halo 1 IS FOR SURE the best CO-op fps game ever made tho I think. For its time it was amazing, and after devs saw halo 1 do it they knew they couldnt do it better I guess so none really ever tried.

Dontworrybhappy1565d ago

I remember playing on Legendary coop, having no shields trying to runaway from 1 or 2 needler rounds as it tracked me and my already dead coop partner screaming, "Its behind you! ITS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" And then the inevitable scream as the shard entered my back and the subsequent detonation that sent us back to the previous checkpoint. Halo was the game that got me back into gaming since my Genesis days. Halo will always be the BEST video game ever to me. God, i cant wait for Master Chief Collection.

spicelicka1565d ago

I feel you man! totally can relate!

Benchm4rk1565d ago

November cant come soon enough