Is The Last Of Us the best game ever made?"

An opinion about "The Last Of Us." and is it the best game ever made.

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Thatguy-3101556d ago

Opinions opinions everyone has a different one. I wouldn't say it's the best but one of the best for sure.

nicksetzer11556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Yea, honestly for me I was pretty unimpressed. It was a good game, but definitely didn't strike me as amazing. I played it for the first time on my PS4, so maybe it lost something in translation, IDK. I didn't like how it played (and for me that is most important) it felt heavy and clunky. The story was great, atmosphere great, but there are movies for that.

Definitely like uncharted better.

ramiuk11556d ago

did u play ps3 or ps4?
60fps compared to 30fps was crazy difference.
made it so smooth.

story,characters,plot and setting was amazing imo and i rated it higher than uncharted 1 and 3 but close call with uncharted 2.

crazy that in my top 5 best games ever that at least 3 of them are from same devs.
been gaming since amstrad days too

cbuc11251556d ago

@nicksetzer1...I agree with this 100%. I thought the story and characters were great, but i just could not stand the actual way the gameplay felt. That is a deal breaker no matter what else is good. I got about 3 hours in and quit. PS4 version.

starchild1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Well, there's no factual answer to this question as it's completely subjective and we all have our own tastes and preferences.

What I can say is that it's one of the best games I have played and it seems that quite a lot of other people feel the same way. I've enjoyed all of Naughty Dog's games last generation.

mikeslemonade1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Uncharted 2 is a better game life to date.

The problem TLoU is it came out late in the generation and was stunted with the PS3 hardware.

If it came out earlier then yes it would be one of the greatest games ever made.

Mithan1555d ago

Agreed. I didn't finish it. Uncharted 2 was better by far IMO.

I think for me, it was the stupid zombies and such, and the stress that goes with trying to figure out the right way to deal with each encounter. It just didn't do for me.

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Dark111556d ago Show
Christopher1556d ago

I have to be honest, could never get into it. The Last of Us, that is. I have it on PS3 and will finish it some day, but it just didn't resonate with me. I know I'll be getting a lot of disagrees for that, but that's fine.

But, best game is so heavily subjective. We're talking about rating games I play now with the games I played 20 years ago and how it takes a lot more to impress me now than it did then.

The one game that has stood out to me as the best as far as design, gameplay, storytelling, and the like has been Planescape: Torment. I haven't played a game that is of that level of quality with regards to the type of thing I look for in an RPG, my favorite genre of games, and is still something I enjoy playing to this day when I normally get tired of games after playing them twice, if not just once.

PinkEye1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I stopped reading the moment you said you never finished it. I'll go back and finish reading your statement AFTER you finish the game.

Also, I suggest you start all over from the beginning of the game (and hard difficulty should be attempted first, as "normal" is too easy).



The 3 games that I think are tied for best games of all time are The Last of Us and Persona 4 Golden and Phantasy Star 1. And I own over 350 games just from last gen alone, and played the best games from Master System, NES, etc all the way to this new generation.

levian1556d ago


It doesn't matter whether someone finished the game or not to have a valid opinion on a game. Literally the only difference it makes is on his opinion of the story, which is just one piece of the game.

And sadly, many fans of the game have said that the gameplay itself wasn't that great, but the story is what set it apart. Well, story isn't the most important thing in a game to me, gameplay is. If I wanted nothing but story, I'd watch a movie or a good TV series.

Not saying anybody's opinion is wrong or anything, but it wasn't the game for me. Gameplay wise it felt like Uncharted and Tomb Raider, which again aren't that interesting to me.

Christopher1556d ago

***I stopped reading the moment you said you never finished it. I'll go back and finish reading your statement AFTER you finish the game. ***

I don't need to play all of a game to know if it's the greatest game in the world or not. I've played plenty of games that I picked up, enjoyed thoroughly from beginning to start. I've also played games like Alpha Protocol where you know from the get-go that it's not going to win any awards. To say that a person must finish a game to have an opinion on it, let alone understand the quality of the game, is ignorant. Wouldn't the boredom I was experiencing at the beginning of the game get taken into account in the review? You think I'd suddenly forget how bored I was when it picked up 4 or 5 hours into the game?

Also, notice how I didn't say the game was bad? Notice how I said I couldn't get into it and that was it? While that may not be important to you, it's important to me and a key factor in knowing that it's just not going to match up to Planescape, a game I have trouble putting down when I play.

***Also, I suggest you start all over from the beginning of the game (and hard difficulty should be attempted first, as "normal" is too easy). ***

Ugh, please no? I didn't care for what I played, which was up to getting out of the first building infested with clickers. I didn't care for the human-on-human gameplay and I didn't really care for the clicker gameplay. And, honestly, it took so many breaks from letting me do something worthwhile to me finding a ladder or helping someone up a wall. All those pauses, some of them long pauses as a scene played out, didn't help keep me into the game.

LordMaim1556d ago

@cgoodno: Hey man, Alpha Protocol was vastly underrated. There was some legitimate brilliance in it's design, except for being marketed as an action game instead of an RPG.

Christopher1556d ago

@Lord Maim: While I thoroughly enjoyed Alpha Protocol, from the moment you do the training missions, you can tell there were some design issues with it. It had a ton of potential, but it just didn't get there. It is an example of a game I enjoy, but could never come even close to say that it should warrant winning any awards.

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RicFlair1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Just wait till WWE 2K15 comes out
Now that will be the best game ever made !!


Whoooooo !

Sharky2311556d ago

I agree! It might not be the best, but it pretty close. Everything about that game was done right! The characters made you care about them. The story sucks you in. The gameplay was nearly perfect, it had a few flaws. All in all as close to the best without being the best.

Flavor1556d ago

I am personally fed up with tlou. Only reason ppl give a damn is because there are so few good games coming out, and zero big budget single player ones.

ABizzel11556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I've played a lot of games, and I can't say there's a definitive best among them. There are games and franchises that I love to death, and can play almost blindfolded, but that doesn't mean they're the best games ever made even to me.

However, TLoU is one of the greatest games of the last generation, my favorite game of the last generation, and one of the greatest games of all time.

It is the game to be for post apocalyptic Action/Adventure, Storytelling, Character development, Video Game acting, and more.

adventureghost1241556d ago

I would say there is no way to have just one perfect and best game ever made, because everyone has a different type of favorite game they like. Some people like simplistic systems compared to complex ones and vice versa. You could say the Legend Of Zelda (original) is the best game ever however someone may not like the lack of direction. You could say tales of Xillia is the best but somebody doesn't like RPG's. Its all very subjective and I think we should all stick to our own personal favorites or have like a top 10/25/50/100

lelo2play1556d ago

The Last Of Us is a very good game... but not the best I ever played.

the worst1556d ago

warhawk is the greatest game

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Sly-Lupin1556d ago

Not by a mile.

Definitely one of the better games of the last console generation, but the past 30 years of gaming offer... stiffer competition.

guyman1556d ago

No one can deny the fact that it received the most accolades of any game ever made and it's 95 metascore. Tlou, in my opinion, achieved the best story of any game of the last generation. The gameplay was solid and brutal, but nothing revolutionary. This was a superb game

mcstorm1556d ago

I think if they said the best game of last gen then it could have a real shot but not best ever game.

Great game but there are better ones out there plus its also down to the person playing the game as I know people who did not like it.

Just like I don't like GTA games they are not bad games I just don't enjoy them.

98xpresent1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Probably one of the best games of the last generation . & The Multiplayer sucks I broke my first ps4 controller the other day

gamer4lifeyo1556d ago

I agree with it being one of the best of last gen. It's my personal favorite. Why didn't you like the multiplayer? I think it's addicting. It's way better if you play with friends that know how to play cuz noobs fuck everything up by constantly running and going one man army and the whole team pays for it. Thats when I get the urge to break my controller as well, lol. Very team oriented game, that's why I like it tho.

98xpresent1556d ago

I like the Multiplayer , it's just the lag I didn't like

Transporter471556d ago

Check your connection. I haven't run into much lag if any at all during my time with it.

Salooh1556d ago

I kill 20 and still lose lol . That's the price for playing alone lol . But i never expose my team.

Don't think any good player wouldn't love the mp. It's a game where you don't need luck. Your gameplay decide the fate of the match. There were many times where i had one life and the other team had more then 10 lifes and i still kicked their butts and won. So

gamer4lifeyo1555d ago

Really? I rarely experience lag on the game. Runs pretty smooth everytime I play. You get that same problem with other games as well?

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Anzil1556d ago

One of the best multiplayer a in a long long time;) Why does it suck?

xReDeMpTiOnx1556d ago

I don't think there is such thing as "the best game" there are do many top notch games stretched across generes to declare a best game. But I think it rightlyfully deserves a spot next to the all time greats like ff7,golden eye, ocrina of time etc

ramiuk11556d ago

crazy that golden eye was prob best movie linked game ever and still is.

Why o why1556d ago

I know, its like saying whats the best food. Is it one of the best games....maybe but like many have stated, theres stiff competition. Lets just appreciate its worth without downplaying the other greats.

Neonridr1556d ago

It's a very very good game. Greatest Game? Doubtful. Best of last gen? Definitely for the PS3 anyways...

It's up for anyone's debate, but I am playing through it on PS4 and I am loving the story. Very well written and definitely resonates with you.