Destiny Pre-Loading Started For PlayStation 4 Owners

"Several gamers reported that Destiny started pre-loading on their PlayStation 4 console, with two days ahead of the scheduled date. While it could easily be a mistake, if you have a pre-order for Destiny you should turn on your console and try downloading it."

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crusf1529d ago

Yep,can confirm! I thought the hype was playing games with me. Now to stare at the icon all weekend during my only days off from work.:/

Crazyglues1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Yeah mine started but it's in two parts, not sure why, both files are 21GB...

did it just download twice all by itself...???


is this normal...?

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Menkyo1529d ago

The other is your vanguard package for preorder digitally.

Crazyglues1529d ago


No, that is the one that says it can't download in the pic, same thing had happened with Watchdogs gun, but on the day of release it downloaded.

So I think same thing with this Vanguard it will download on the day of release.

but the other files are both the same size 21GB.. Strange?

madworld1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Yes guys it is happened to me right now and the size of the game seems soso Big

my user is Toona1100

Menkyo1529d ago

8am monday morning if you live in the us as the servers go up 12am IDOL time.

JeffGUNZ1529d ago

Enjoy fellas!

The worst part was downloading it and then not being able to click and play.

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Sevir1529d ago

LOL We'll be able to play on the 8th at 10a. Pre-loading now

crusf1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

If you already bought it before the street date then yes you can. Digital users have to wait till Midnight Pacific Time on the 9th unfortunately
Edit: Ah yes thanks UnHolyOne Fixed:)

UnHoly_One1529d ago

Midnight Pacific Time

Just wanted to clarify it isn't 12:01 in whatever your actual time zone is.

matt1391529d ago

No even on disc, the game is locked until midnight! (Online Only)

Sevir1529d ago

Actually! IGN and several other review Outlets have confirmed that You'll be able to play the game at 5a Australia timezone, They'll actually be streaming the game from 10 Am on the 8th for 4 hours when the servers go up! So I know the game is locked but I think Sony, MS and Bungie will open up the game for play on the 8th due to media outlets reviewing all week starting on the 8th.

JackOfAllBlades1529d ago

:'( damn you physical copy!!!

qwerty6761529d ago

for people doing this. how big is the download?

Stapleface1529d ago

I don't remember the exact numbers but one was around 180MB and the other was over 250MB. Not very big. Just getting ready for the real preload on the 7th I believe.

n4rc1529d ago

Preload on Xbox one was 18gb

n4rc1529d ago

5 disagrees for stating a blatant fact with no shred of opinion..

Congrats for showing how bad it is around here...

reko1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


You xbox guys like to complain and whine a lot lol 😂

mediate-this1529d ago

I got the vanguard edition and the two doc. I'm pretty pumped to play destiny. Psn:uchendu if you want to team.

Off topic same day as sons of anarchy season premiere

JackOfAllBlades1529d ago

blee47018 PSN I'll be a couple days late to the party but I'll be playing a lot

bondsmx1529d ago

That's a damn good day. SoA and destiny!

JeffGUNZ1529d ago

and Apples conference for the iphone 6 and possible iwatch ;)

Stapleface1529d ago

It doesn't preload the whole game. That still won't start until the 7th. I have to say, I got excited as hell when I saw it pop up. Shut off Netflix and let the download get done. I was hoping it would download the whole thing, but preloading on the 7th is good enough. Plenty of time to get it downloaded before the 9th.

Dontworrybhappy1529d ago

Hopefully but there's gonna be a lot of people downloading it same day.

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