Advanced Warfare – IGN Will Share First Look At Co-Op Mode This Month

Gaming outfit IGN have named Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare their 'Game of the Month' and will be first to share details on the shooter's co-op mode.

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OpieWinston1506d ago

Here's me hoping they did something that carries some more weight...
Ghosts extinction blew
Treyarch has run Nazi Zombies into the ground...Literally they couldn't copy paste that anymore. They literally haven't fixed it's biggest problem...ZERO REPLAY VALUE

Wishful thinking that Sledgehammer does something cool.

I'll be playing Halo MCC for most of November either way (With Farcry 4/LBP3/Sunset Overdrive/AC: Unity/DA:I on the side)

MSBAUSTX1506d ago

Extinction was the only fun thing about Ghosts.

venom061506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

of course they name CoD "Game of the Month" ... they might as well call it Game of Decade as far as they're concerned. This is the benefit of Activision buying the IGN Pro League and being associated with IGN like this. Constant hype, constant spot-light and then its the gamers that have to realize 3-4 months later is was all a BS hype train. Conflict of interest at its worst.

gamerfan09091506d ago

You do know IGN has been doing this series highlighting games for an entire month for like the last 3 or 4 months now, right?

the_mack_attack31506d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing something mission orientated, like single-player! Take the spec-op missions in MW3 for example, take that format and build on it!

qwerty6761506d ago

an announcement for an announcement.

Benjammin251506d ago

IGN give a game that hasn't even been released yet game of the month? They're not even trying to hide how corrupt they are anymore.

OpieWinston1506d ago

Video Game Journalism has been dead for some time.

IGN is just one of the worst, but all the big sites really do suck.

gamerfan09091506d ago

What are you talking about? They've done the same thing for Destiny, Forza Horizon 2, and WWE 2k15. Talk about things you know. They do this series every month.

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