10 Banned Games; some for very silly reasons

From the article: "If you're a gamer, you know it can sometimes be hard when the games we enjoy and play are the center of attention in a murder or a mass shooting. While the media loves to crucify video games as a reason for increased violence, millions of gamers worldwide would tend to disagree. Here are the top 10 games banned around the world and some for very stupid reasons that is prone to make you laugh."

Clown_Syndr0me3193d ago

I remember the Manhunt case - that was ridiculous.

I played that game to death, but would never even think about doing those things in real life. Trying to blame the game for a clearly pre-mediated murder was so stupid. Besides, the game is rated 18 for a reason.

FriedGoat3193d ago

That music nearly made me bore my ears out.

snipermk03193d ago

Well, not all gamers are mentally challenged, but there are some mentally challenged people that are prone to commit violence happen to be gamers and the media picks up on this crap.

TheUnsuper3193d ago

different countries different mentalities

CloudRap3193d ago

BF4 is banned in China apparently.

FlameWater3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

No games banned in Canada, mainly cause we're not idiots

ShaunCameron3192d ago

Bully: Scholarship Edition? Or the protesters' efforts fell on deaf ears.

FlameWater3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

I just bought that game 2 weeks ago on steam

ironfist923192d ago

Oh yes, because cultural insensitivity is considered "silly" /s