Asus ROG Rolls Out Ares III Dual R9 290X Graphics Card

Maximum PC: See that image of the Ares III? According to Asus, the Ares III is the world's fastest water-cooled dual R9 290X graphics card on the planet, and we won't argue that claim. After all, who knows what that thing's lugging inside its metal briefcase. What we do know, however, is that this impressive graphics card is wielding dual AMD Radeon Hawaii XT R9 290X GPUs, both factory overclocked to 1030MHz.

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Hanuman1507d ago

My, oh my.. What an awesome piece of kit. What am I looking at here, 2000+?

JackOfAllBlades1507d ago

If it's somehow around a grand I'm buying it


Sick. I want it. just cant afford it.

tee_bag2421507d ago

Just get a PS4.. people on n4g told me they're more powerful lol

Einhert1507d ago

Yeah like all those articles claiming the next gen consoles were as powerful as PCs.....oh lol.

They were posted to death and then the systems released and this was proven to be completely false.

spartan_dx1507d ago

Remember when people thought they would be 4k gaming capable? ha

tee_bag2421507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Yeh where ever are they now? I know. They're the ones telling people graphics doesn't matter and 30fps is for the cinematic effect (my personal favorite) while trolling X1 threads.

vega2751507d ago

Im building my new rig next month. May have to look into this

DougLord1507d ago

Most 295xs have dropped to $999 on New Egg.