Consumers rank Sony above Apple in innovation survey

Remember Sony's Walkman brand? It used to be synonymous with portable music players until Apple's iPod wiped the floor with it, yet it's Sony that's come out on top of a recent survey on brand innovation.

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QuackPot3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Yes, Sony shares alot with Apple but it needs to develop a universal Operating System - like Apple have done with Mac OsX - which can be uses on most if not all of its hardware.

Then Microsoft and Apple will tremble in fear as Sony becomes a major Software(PCs in particular) manufacturer.

Capt CHAOS3779d ago

When was the last time they innovated in any business area other than in console gaming?

Aeroglyphics3779d ago

What are you suggesting they innovated in the console market?

barom3779d ago

Microsoft has always just been doing what has been done. They just usually do it a lot more approachable.

Of course I'm not implying that it's wrong or wutnot. It's just their way of doing business and it obviously works.

Bladestar3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

you are blinded by anti-microsoft sentiments... you wouldn't be able to see areas where they innovate. but just to give you a few examples, XNA, Visual Studio,, robotic studio,, etc...

you anti-microsoft just repeat what others say... when you say microsoft copied this and that... but lack the understand and technical knowledge to even understand what you are talking about...

let me give you an very detailed example.... .net Generics... crazy innovation that enable programming languages like C# or to do things that weren't possible before..

how about silverlight? how about F#?

dumb sony leg humpers... what monkey see monkey do... how can you possibly know in what areas microsoft innovates if you lack the knowledge and understanding? You only see at the product level... you see Windows Vista or OSX... you see PS3 or xbox 360... but you don't see or understand down to the metal to understand what you are talking about... so don't talk about innovation 95% or more of the people talking $h!t are just repeating what their anti-microsoft linux buddy that just learn how to swap their ram tell them... I welcome any of you losers to have an intelligent conversation about the contributions of each of these companies... that goes beyond box, color or name of the products....

badz1493779d ago

the made people pay to play online and it works! that's a hell of innovation!

lsujester3779d ago

Amen, Bladestar. I made a comment about Sony and Microsoft developing and innovating in different areas of technology, and that often they had to use each other's tech in some way.

Specifically, I said that Sony developed Blu-ray, but also uses VC-1 as one of it's supported codecs. Well, needless to say, ignorant fanboys nailed lit it up with disagrees and the like. Even one of the big contributors here dug in, acting like he knew what he was talking about.

He didn't like me setting him straight. LOL

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Hercules3779d ago

@2.1 - good one

but seriously this list should be changed, why in the hell is Dell up there? and what if apple made a console, would you buy it? at least you could sync your ipod to any game, lol

zethos563779d ago

Why is Nintendo at 7th. They're a lot more innovative than most of the companies above them.

Chubear3779d ago

..what exactly have they innovated lately? A wii-mote? Sure they came out with it first and had a great idea they implemented (that is eyt to show it's better or on par with a control pad or even K/M) but the technology for the thing is last gen.

The wii-mote could be done in the PS2 or Xbox. This gen, every single thing Nintendo has done could have been done on last gen machines. Not one single game this gen displays attributes that could never have been accomplished with last gen hardware.

My opinion, Nintendo are takin the core gaming community as a joke and laughing at us.

cooke153778d ago

and wii balance board? a dual sceen touch screen handheld too. once again being copied. everything nintendo does gets copied yet they arent innovative?

Pornlord3779d ago

Hmmm.... I don't think MS ever innovated anything. Zune copies Ipod, Vista copied Mac OS X I believe... And what they haven't blatantly copied they just outright bought.

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