Another PR Nightmare For Microsoft

iTechHeads: I have a feeling Microsoft still has no idea why the Xbox One is lagging behind the PS4 in sales. It’s not a price problem, its a perception problem. This ad does nothing to fix that, it only makes their problem worse and makes them seem childish. Whether or not this fake advertisement will let people know that there is an Xbox version of Destiny is hard to tell but we’re talking about it so I guess Microsoft got what they wanted. Clever marketing or PR Nightmare? You decide.

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Mikelarry1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

PR Nightmare... i don't think so more like PR GOLD.

every site including yours is talking about this,this is what they wanted. now more people will know that destiny is not just only on PS


and I quote

"This ad does nothing to fix that, it only makes their problem worse and makes them seem childish".

MS is about making money as a business like they care about looking childish when they are lagging behind. if they did this ad will not have seen the light of day

vishmarx1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

oh boy another article on the same thing

are you honestly simple enough to believe anyone reading these articles is likely to buy an xb1 because of that ad?its a stealth low blow to sony and only the gamers savvy enough in and privy to all this are gonna get it. and its very likely these people have picked their sides already

and do you really trust ms' pr intelligence that much after this:

was it cheeky marketing? yeah.
will it get them sales,no.

Mikelarry1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

that's not the point for this ad,MS want their console to also be involved in destiny discussion as most associate destiny with the PS brand. the same way most associate cod with xbox brand is what's happening here with destiny and they don't want that

TomShoe1530d ago

PR Nightmare? I thought it was funny.

Not everything has to be "sooper-dooper cereal."

uptownsoul1530d ago

@Mikelarry I'm going to disagree with you that it's PR Gold…But it's not a PR nightmare either. Look, so long as these articles stay on gaming based websites, it means nothing because everybody knows that Destiny is an exclusive. All this ad does is open the "loop-hole" ads for Sony and Nintendo to use. And I doubt this ad has enough time to get much traction where it's needed (websites where people may think Destiny is exclusive).

darthv721530d ago

people talking about it, no matter if good or still better than nobody talking about it.

Volkama1530d ago

Ha ha. Most of what you say is nonsense, but Yusuf replying to that Forza crowd pick is pretty funny.

pompombrum1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

It's just a bit of cheeky fun. Good god, have many gamers forgot the long lost concept of "fun"?

Also I really do hope the article writer is just click baiting and actually doesn't think like that, if so and you're reading this, do yourself a favour, get off your PC and get out more.

pingthing1530d ago

I honestly don't think it is meant as an advert in the strictest sense. I see it as Microsoft tipping its hat to its own fans who believe it or not are also hyped for the Destiny launch.

darthv721530d ago

Now the website is no longer showing the ad. It was funny while it lasted.

Prob some executives called and threatened legal action if it did not get pulled. there is already too much tension in the world. What's wrong with a little humor among corporations.

seeing as the gamers cant get along with each least the suits can.

UnwanteDreamz1530d ago

3 of the hottest gaming stories today are about advertisement. I just think it's kinda sad. Good PR or bad PR either way sad.

Codewow1529d ago

You don't know marketing if you think this won't get them sales.

lfc_4eva1529d ago


Only 15 million savvy customers have picked sides so far. So this is an extremely clever marketing ploy whether you like it or not.

Azzanation1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


So your telling everyone that people have made up there minds.. That PS4 wont surpass 10 million sales and the Xbox wont surpass 5 million? These consoles have a lot of the market left to convince which system to buy.

These console should surpass 50 million+ each. Now you need to learn marketing, this is clever and will make people notice the game on Xbox. Its not trying to convince gamers who already own a PS4 or Wii U. Its trying to convince the gamers who haven't made a next gen purchase yet. There is a monster difference between the audience MS are trying to get and the Audience you think there trying to get.

Yetter1529d ago

you have no idea how advertising or PR work

redwin1529d ago

If more stable online from Xbox won't deter the PS users, game is not what they are looking for, it's a brand. But in a different note, it'll be cool if MS does come out with a real fragrance called Destiny, although it's not up to MS.

NewMonday1529d ago


thing is all the people who talk about it know the game is coming to X1, and MS can't put interactive adds on the streets and on broadcast TV for the few people who don't.

and anyway the focus of the PS4 Destiny adds was always the exclusive content,they are not interested in "fooling" the few low IQ people who don't understand the concept of "multi-platform" that existed ever since the SEGA vs Nintendo days.

what Sony were doing all the time is messaging "Destiny is best on PS4"

16bitNutritionist1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Like he said every site is talking it about it, all Microsoft are doing is making the best out of a bad situation and the bad situation is not being able to officially advertise destiny for XBOX. It doesn't matter now what fan boys think as they did what they set out to do and get everyone's attention. I think it's extremely clever. BTW chill out guys and jus play the game on your prefered system.

pinkcrocodile751529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Clever Advert, Clever move.

It's no different to Sony taking the piss out of MS last year with their "Here is how you share a game with your friend".

It was a cheap shot at their competitors expense and so is this. The difference here is that this one is actually funny.

Good Job

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Webbyy1530d ago

lol O please N4G, this was nothing but a genius marketing from Microsoft. give credit where credit is due. and that was it.

SilentNegotiator1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

"O please N4G"? I wasn't aware N4G wrote this article or that N4G in general had much bad to say about this thing.

Webbyy1530d ago

@SilentNegotiator N4G didn't approve this garbage?

No one said they wrote it.

SilentNegotiator1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Oh, well, if 7 people approved the article...

Meanwhile, most people in the original article simply called it clever and great marketing.

Stop generalizing the N4G community.

Webbyy1530d ago

it takes more than 7 people but you taking this way to serious bro.

"Stop generalizing the N4G community." ..this comment section speaks for itself lol

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mcarsehat1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

No one really gets that a big part of advertising is literally just getting people to think about the product. I wouldn't bother arguing Mikelarry, no one gets it and no one listens :)

Too many people are allowed to type on this website lol

Spotie1530d ago

Cuz there's no such thing as bad press, right?

Oh, wait. There IS. And that's part of why Microsoft is in their current hole.

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Godmars2901530d ago

Now the same people know exactly what they knew before: that Destiny is multiplatform. that MS can dish it out, but they can't take it.

Also, this story is getting approved way too much...

stuna11530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Exactly, most already knew it was multiplatform! Only difference now some gamers can choose to have exclusive gameplay items Or...They can choose to smell good while playing lol.

DevelopmentArrested1530d ago

No it seems that Microsoft can dish it out and sony fans can't take it.

vega2751530d ago Show
Death1530d ago

You have to think that other people exist besides you to understand marketing. The ad is not geared at those of us that already know everything about Destiny or played the beta. This is to get people talking and making those aware that don't live, breathe and die by gaming know the hottest game of the year is on the Xbox One also.

The entire top page of N4G is about Destiny and Microsoft. Yeah, the ad is working.

Septic1529d ago

"No it seems that Microsoft can dish it out and sony fans can't take it."

Seems about right. Well the ones here can't anyway.

Godmars2901529d ago


I have to think that anyone who knows nothing about gaming, isn't interest in it, is going to see those ads, not read them just look at the pictures, and think MS is in the perfume business. That unless the likes of CNN or FOX runs a quirky story, or their EU equivalent, that the only ones who'll report it are game sites. That they will report it to people who already know about Destiny.

Nevermind that the ads were pulled shortly afterwards, meaning that whoever did it, realized that they had gone over a line. Committed a faux pas in business etiquette which, many have already noted, pretty much invited Sony, Nintendo and even EA or Activision to do the same.

And regardless of all that, unless anyone who saw the ad just looks into the Xbox version of Destiny, they're going to find out that the PS4 version is getting more stuff.

WilDRangeRfc1529d ago

WTF are you on about this is the first time MS have retaliated to Sonys constant jibes trolling and lack of respect for the competition Andrew House ( vile little man )is a disgrace,Phil Spencer shows Playstation the utmost respect while Yoshida makes share game videos,one word KARMA,well done MS not nice when a major corporation acts classless and below the belt is it cough cough Sony

Godmars2901529d ago


What are YOU on about?

Sony may have leveled a quip no and then, but such have been general in regards to quality and/or services. Not a specific product weeks from release.

They've certainly never involved an ad agency or put up billboards. At worse they got interns to post on Twitter. Had prepared jibes ready during interviews or public statements.

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Brazz1530d ago

in a sense, you are right... they are getting what they wanted, but... is this the end? are Sony going to just sit and watch... don't know, but as a lawyer i don't think so...

oof461530d ago

I'm sure MS used a loophole when making their ad. If you look, they say, buy the game. Not, buy the game on Xbox One.

And where is everyone's sense of humor? Remember this blast from the past?

oof461530d ago

@Brazz: wrong link. This is the old ad I was bringing up.

Mikelarry1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


"it means nothing because everybody knows that Destiny is an exclusive"

Destiny is NOT an exclusive, it has exclusive content on PS.

your comment just proved my point as the reason ms needed this AD as they don't want gamers thinking it is a PS exclusive, is it too late we shall not know until NPD but one thing is MS has ensured that gamers are at least talking about their console in destiny conversations

Jaqen_Hghar1529d ago

better for people to be tricked and join the better console. Step into the light my friends!

asadachi1530d ago

MS is not making the money they would have liked and are taking some bad investment hits lately, like trying to sell the xbone in Japan. This is just another terrible idea where they could have focused their energy in a more constructive way instead of seeming like a petty loser.

k3rn3ll1529d ago

Ur acting like this is a real ad campaign. This cost nothing. Chill out man. It really is a joke. It's not some snark attempt at sales.

Or I guess your forgetting all the high chins over at Sony since launch. Repeatedly making snark comments and using every chance they can to make it known the xbox is behind in sales

Gamer19821529d ago

Selling the Xbox in Japan is a bad investment?? Hmmm why do people not see the bigger picture?? Sure theres low sales in Japan but just imagine what Jap devs would think if MS said no Xbox One release for Japan PERIOD.. They would lose pretty much all support and thats nearly half of 3rd party AAA devs.. So are they going to get crap sales?? YES. Is it worth it? DEFINETLY.

DOMination-1530d ago

Everyone is talking about this so I think MS have done a great job

MRMagoo1231530d ago

Everyone was talking about how bad the xbone was at e3 when they gad all the drm and online only crap going on , that definitely didn't help them, this ad is being seen on gaming sites, the same sites that have users who already know this game is multiplat

SonofGod1530d ago

It's amazing how the media likes to exaggerate and escalate everything MS does. It's just an ad, big fu**ing deal.

If Sony did this no one would care.

UnwanteDreamz1530d ago

Yep the Xbox fanbase makes alot out of nothing. They have been suckling at the teet of the MS PR machine so long they dont know what exciting is anymore. This add is just saying "me too" but its the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Thatguy-3101530d ago

People that come up seeing the ad are most likely audiences that know that this game is mulitplatform. Unless they're putting it up on Billboard's or having runs of it on TV commercials this is pointless. I wouldn't say it's PR nightmare but it does scream desperation.

k3rn3ll1529d ago

No. It is a blatant joke. If the we're advertising it in commercials and posters, then it would be desperation.

Retroman1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

what-you-should-asked--"w hy-is-MS-helping-SONY"-wi t h-DESTINY????-this-will-only-p r ogram-gamers-to-buy-DESTINY-pl aystation-version-and-that-is-t he-SWEETNESS


oh'by-the-way-i-would-buy -that-cologne---ahhh!

D-riders1530d ago

The people who are reading these sites already know destiny is on xboxone..

Godmars2901529d ago

"MS is about making money"

And that tends to be the problem with them. Where Sony and Nintendo have been about providing a product, services as a reward or benefit for buying and/or using that product, MS has only been about making money. Using words like "options" and "choice" as excuse to ask for more money.

That's why they fell by the wayside in regards to Netflix after having that as an exclusive: while they went out of their way to secure it as such, they lost any advantage because of insistence of requiring XBL Gold. The whole mess regarding DRM which has them in the place they are now was excessively profit driven.

So yes, people are looking at this and saying they're doing it out of sour grapes. For the sake of sales, rather than for owners of their console or gamers.

husomc1529d ago

people who visit tech sites already know that there is an Xbox One version of Destiny. Until BBC and CNN along with every lil news agency start reporting this Microsoft won't have achieved anything

Killzoner991529d ago

This is a new low for Microsoft . This is an attack on Sony and most importantly Bungie. This is all about losing Bungie to Sony and Microsoft still thinks they can do whatever they want to Bungie like they own them. I hope they lose the rights to Destiny all together for this.

Godmars2901529d ago

Would hardly say it goes that far. Just shows how thin skinned and attention hungry MS is as they buy limited exclusivity for things like TR while trying to indicate that they got it outright.

And given that its Bungie that holds all rights to Destiny, that its a multiplatform title, don't even know what you're talking about there.

Though it would be bad if it sold a third less on Xbox than what it does on PS3/PS4.

bleedsoe9mm1529d ago

This was brillant , got every video game news website to write a story on Destiny on xb1 .

z14171525d ago

I have to agree with Mikelarry, this is a brilliant marketing move from MSFT. They managed to turn things arround in a very creative way.

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qwerty6761530d ago

loled at this title.

look at all the discussion about this. wouldnt be surprised if its somewhat trending

which the the whole point getting exposure.

seeing all these articles its working.

lifeisgamesok1530d ago

PR nightmare?? It's working lol

Trekster_Gamer1529d ago

The article itself is a PR nightmare!

I am really looking forward to playing Destiny on my Xbox One!

True_Samurai1530d ago

Another article on this? You guys are exactly doing what Ms wants. You're basically giving them free advertisement by talking Xbox+Destiny.

xtremexx1530d ago

Could have sworn the aim of this was to get people talking about it...people are talking about it.