NZGamer reviews Ninja Gaiden 2

Morgan Bates writes:

''Ninja Gaiden 2 was Tomonobu Itagaki's Team Ninja swansong, as just after the initial launch he left Tecmo and filed a lawsuit against them citing unpaid bonuses for Dead or Alive 4. The first 3D Ninja Gaiden on Xbox was one of the hardest games in recent memory; it left beginners and veterans alike eating their pride and if it were a Ninja, would throw you in the air and kill you fifty times before you hit the ground.

Now we have the sequel on Xbox 360 with glorious high definition visuals and enough polygons to render chests that would make Rachael from Ninja Gaiden envious. However, the original set a high benchmark for any sequel to follow; it had impressive bosses that while a challenge, were beatable with the right strategy.

Fortunately, Ninja Gaiden 2 has more than lived up to the task. The story starts off as the well-endowed CIA agent, Sonia, gets kidnapped by the Black Spider clan, who - as revealed shortly after Ryu rescues her - are working for the fiends. Sonia informs Ryu that the fiends are trying to resurrect the arch-fiend and your real mission begins. Over the course of the game you will enhance your weapons, fight through bloody battles and take a variety of limbs of everything that opposes you.''

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supergamer3779d ago

wow nz gamer has no credibility they gave MGS4 an 8.5 and this an 9.0 youve got to be kidding me

fox023779d ago

What does this have to do with MGS 4??

ICUP3779d ago

MS Cheque In The Mail?

Heavy-h3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

he was just comparing reviews thats all.

and wat he is sayinf is true, that they give MGS4 8.5 but this 9 which states that they talk Bullsh*t

Mwaan3779d ago

And I would personally give NG2 a 9/10. Have you people finished NG2 yourselves? Tell me why it should be lower? Technical issues were exaggerated in most reviews and the story is pretty standard videogame stuff. I can't stop playing this awesome game.

clintos593779d ago

NG2 is a great action game but is nothing compared to MGS4. We dont have to worry because the gaming industry is more then enough proof to show that MGS4>>>>>NG2.

titntin3779d ago

I haven't finished it - mainly because MGS is out now and civilization. But theres a reason it didn't score well with most reviewers and thats because it is extremely lacking.

Combat is still fluid and great, and if thats all you care about, then the game is for you, but you can't tell me this game deserves any more than an 8. The lighting is the worst I've seen in any next gen game - the characters can be in the darkest shadow or next to the brightest light and look exactly the same. Result - the characters never sit properly in the environment. No self shadowing, as seen in sigma - and a very low native resolution. Add to this a story thats just, well, totally forgettable, and characters you really don't care about, and it all adds up to a game you play because you like slicing and want to reach the end - not because you care a jot about anyone or the story.

NG2 is pure hardcore game mechanic, arguably the best beat em mechanics, but wrapped up in shabby engine thats low on tech and it simply hasn't tried in any of the areas where a truly great next gen game can shine.

It's a shame, because if they had got the other elements right, they could have made it the definitive next gen experience. Instead its just a polished version of what went before and they didn't push it to new heights, merely explored heights they had already reached. I wanted and expected more.

I guess its all subjective, but you can't tell me this game excells in anything other than the combat mechanics, and in this current generation, it needs to do more to be a true classic for most people.

Mwaan3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I have played plenty of "8" games, and I wouldn't put them on the same level as NG2. Weak lighting effects? Not a very memorable story? These nitpicks are why I would rate it 9/10. I play games for fun. That's all. Don't you think that actual gameplay is the absolute most important thing in any "game"?

titntin3779d ago

Not at all.

I still love 2D shoot em ups. Rtype is absolutely seminal example of such a game, and for its genre, its untouchable. But in todays world, it wouldn't deserve high marks.

A modern next gen title needs to deliver on many fronts if it wants to be considered 'great'and plot involvement, and technical merit are two areas that the real classic games do need to deliver on.
NG2 doesn't.

Doesn't mean its not a playable game, but it really isn't great and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why its got the critical reception it has.

I DO appreciate that for the hardcore gamer, its easy to overlook these issues - hell I'm still gonna go back a play despite having a ton of worthy titles vying for my attention! But you must see that games are judged by their overall experience for all types of players who may want to know if the game is worth them playing. On many levels it simply doesn't deliver, and you can't pretend it does. You can say it don't matter TO YOU, but you must acknowledge that all the truly great games that deserve 9's and 10's DO deliver in all these areas for the main part, thats why they are great, they deliver the goods in the core game play AND they don't let the package down in the other core areas. NG2 delivers good combat, but fails in the other areas it needed to shine to be accepted as a great classic in most peoples eyes.

You must see that - its not an unreasonable judgment even if you disagree!

n to the b3779d ago

u defended your point well although I disagree I am getting WAY TIRED of stupid dialogue in games. I'm surprised I made it thru the 1st disc of Lost Odyssey before stopping, the writing in the in-game cutscenes is utterly laughable (although some of the 1000-year dreams are worthwhile at least).

for ex in LO: why would Gongora, a self-made man, be so interested in restoring Tolten/monarchy? even if he's just acting that way to influence others - why would others believe him to be sincere? a self-made man wouldn't insist on bowing before anyone, let alone a FORMER member of royalty that no one has to even acknowledge anymore! maybe if the characters acted a little more natually with each other instead of stiffly marching around in full ceremonial raiment at all times... seriously that's the kind of stupid [email protected] I wouldn't have written past high school.

oh and I'd rather take simple dialogue, that doesn't trip over itself with ridiculousness, any day of the week. Gears of War > Lost Odyssey.

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Jim Crowslaw3779d ago

Rumor has it the Editor in chief let his dog review told he can understand animals and the dog vehemently barked for an 8.5 score

Silogon3779d ago

A below average website, NZ gamer, gives an average game an above average score.

clintos593779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I mean dont get me wrong, NG2 is an awesome game if u love the difficulty and action in it, but for them to say NG2>>MGS4 shows that they reviewed MGS4 just like the other 6 who gave it an 8 or 8.5 which out of 58 reviewers who have reviewed MGS4, 51 reviewers gave mgs4 a 9 rating and over where only 7 out of those 58 reviewers gave it a 8 and 8.5

Just doesnt make any sense unless these guys just did it on purpose to get hits on there site, or are fanboys or was paid. Anyways we all know they look stupid with the comparison in reviews of mgs4 and ng2 but hey cant blame emm for not understanding a game that is said to be, "One of the greatest games of all time" and, "Is the best game this next gen" and, "Is the best game this decade" said by many game reviewers for MGS4 review, but I guess that doesnt mean anything to some game sites, lol.

badz1493779d ago

I've expected this. I knew that they will do it! for them, ME,NG2>>MGS4 and that's just BS!! and @Mwaan, have you played MGS4? sure you haven't because if you do, you will know where the hate are from! MGS4>>NG2 and there's no denying it!

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