Forza Horizon 2 Comes to Life in The Ultimate Supercar Road Trip – #FORZAFUEL

This September, Forza Horizon 2 will deliver to fans a beautiful, immaculately constructed world full of action-packed open-world racing, stunning vistas, dramatic weather and dynamic time of day, set in the beautiful landscape of Southern Europe.

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qwerty6761503d ago

so we have

Project CARS
The Crew
Forza Horizon 2

all for 2014

this genre is getting a little saturated. almost as bad as zombie games.

EvilWay1503d ago


All of the racing games this year all are in a different class because they are different types of racing

DriveClub - arcade
FH2 - open world
Project cars - Simulation (I think)
The Crew - idk even know what to consider this garbage tbh

ScorpiusX1502d ago

I say it has a little of the other 3 but with a dash of underground.