Successes, triumphs, and surprises: The gaming industry’s biggest risks that paid off

These are the biggest risks in gaming that paid off handsomely for those involved.

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Sadie21001504d ago

It's hard to remember a time when it was a Nintendo vs. Sega war. You kinda thought that would never change.

midnightambler1504d ago

I wonder how many of those 24 million original Kinect units are now sat in the bottom of a drawer?

Sayburr1504d ago

I am wondering the same thing. I did eventually purchase one after the price dropped to under $100. The grand-kids enjoyed it, but I didn't get much out of it.

I have to say, I do like using the voice controls on Kinect 2.0, but even with that, while gaming in a room with my wife on the phone, I have to turn the Kinect off or it tries to interpret her talking into commands.

Gbits1504d ago

Warcraft was a biggie - there were what, 400k subscribers to EQ? Nobody thought the MMO market would be anything bigger than that, especially in the US.

miyamoto1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

The Wii is a safe bet not a risk according to Shigeru Miyamoto because they did not have to spend lots of money on hardware power so If they ever the Wii flops then it would not be such a huge loss compared to a more powerful console. Also the kiddie and casual market was a sure fire safe bet for Nintendo back then.