2K debunks November Bioshock PS3 rumour

2k games has confirmed to videogaming247 that Bioshock PS3 is still on for an October release, despite rumours suggesting a November 4 date.

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will113966d ago

With resistance 2 coming out who needs bioshock.

Daver3966d ago

Bioshock has to be release in October. There is way too many games in November. Even if Bioshock is a good game, its "deja vu" because of the release on xbox last year so people will buy other games before buying this one.

Jpinter3966d ago

Funny...cause the source that I got the release date from was someone at 2k Games...

You can't always listen to their PR's. Chase from Access PR told me Bioshock was never coming to the PS3 up until the day it was revealed in those magazines. I had to send him links on IGN and such before he believed it. It's like...."hello! this is your game....why dont you know anything about it?"

Mike Bowden3966d ago

Can't always listen to their employees either. :)

name3965d ago

I was right, yet again.

Cynical-Gamerzus3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Lets see if they have the talent and skills to do a port to Cell/RSX architecture ,thats all i have to say Lets see!!!!!
If they blow this game and it winds up being a sh::t port than guess what 2k all you are is a crap cashin dev that is trying to port PC crap over to PS3 MAKE A FAST BUCK! and with MGS4 and GT5 Prologue out you better be careful WITH THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL!! OR Cell lol!!!
The Bar has been Set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dONT fck IT UP