State of Decay; the best thing coming to Xbox One since sliced bread

Taken from IM PLAYIN

"Ok. I’m going to level with you. This article is very one-sided. I absolutely adored State of Decay on the Xbox 360, mostly because I love zombies, but also because it was genuinely a fantastic game. It wasn’t just a zombie game, it was a survival game that had zombies in it – and that really played into its favour. So the news that the State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition was coming to the Xbox One next year got me understandably excited!"

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kiz26941556d ago

Although i'm excited for Xbox One owners to get this in 1080p, i would of loved to seen a sequel.

IrishSt0ner1555d ago

There is a sequel in development, Class 4, basically a State of Decay MMO. Still a long way off I'd think.

Also, the title of this is all wrong, it's stating sliced bread came to Xbox One... should read "State of Decay; the best thing since sliced bread, coming to Xbox One."

Lawboy21555d ago

Lol...ur completely right....I'm sort of excited for this never played the game trying to get a couple of friends to co op the game with me

XBLSkull1555d ago

I skipped it last gen cause I was sick of that generation and waiting on the x1, I'll definitely give it a try next year

incendy351555d ago

Probably the best Zombie genre game I have played. Buggy, but so very good.

TedCruzsTaint1555d ago

It was the survival experience that no other game really offered.
Such a good title.

Docknoss1555d ago

I agree, I still play the game. It's that good

ocelot071555d ago

Good news for Xbox owners I suppose. Could not get on with it on PC. It felt like it needed at least 2 player co-op.

Bob Dole1555d ago

Hopefully a multiplayer mod arises a la Just Cause 2.

kassler1555d ago

When did sliced bread come to Xbox?

Spotie1555d ago

That's the type of release that would sell consoles, and they never even advertised it.

ghostface91555d ago

glad its coming to x1 such a great game

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The story is too old to be commented.