Sherlock Holmes Is The Master Of Disguises In Crimes and Punishment

They say the recipe to a great classic murder Mystery is diversity. Based of todays gameplay of Sherlock Holmes the master chameleon. Crimes and Punishment is shaping up to be thrilling adventure for fans of the British Detective.

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Frankskint1509d ago

I could still tell its him.

brettjones4941509d ago

Yep I wouldn't be fooled by this disguise if i already knew what he looks like. Though i did like his french accent.

charliewong9801509d ago

At least they are adding different things like costumes. Sherlock is famous for doing that, so its good to it in the game.

ginalee5541509d ago

Big Fan of the Sherlock books, Robert Downey played the role quite well in the film too.

3-4-51509d ago

I loved the Sherlock movies with Downey Jr., and I kind of want to read all the Sherlock books now.

You can get a collection of them all in one book for like $20 I think.

alvinmiller921509d ago

This looks more like a tip on how to pick up sailors at the local bar, if you catch my drift. LMAO.

EdnaJones971509d ago

Its fun to stay at the YMCA.

amyortega1311509d ago

Good to see Frogwares mixing it up, should make for an exciting gameplay. Come October 1st.

ArronNelson1509d ago

I like his british accent. The brits always make everything sound so clever. Would like to go London someday and see where most of the classic Holmes films were made.