Microsoft’s ‘Destiny Fragrance’ is Incredibly Clever; Already Paying off

If you’re attached to the gaming realm, you’ll also know that every single advertisement for Destiny has featured a PlayStation 4 logo at the end. This is no coincidence, as Microsoft has pointed out in a ‘non-advertisement’ featuring a ‘Destiny fragrance’. With their hands already tied behind their back – from a marketing perspective – Microsoft made an incredibly bold, and smart move. And it’s already paying off.

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antbolton891600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

So pathetic

xHeavYx1600d ago

I'm sure millions of PS4 users are going to switch their pre-orders now! /s
Like someone else said, the fragance should be called "Eau de Salt"

Mr Pumblechook1600d ago

Pre-orders at GAME in the UK are predominantly for the PS4 edition of Destiny and my guess that it is probably going to be the best selling version in all territories.

However the viral ad by Microsoft has been clever for raising an awareness that the game is also coming to Xbox platforms. But aside from all the hype on GAF and forums it doesn't mean anything unless it directly translates to sales. Before you might wonder if I'm downplaying the power of this ad ask yourself this one question; will a PS4 owner or potential PS4 owner swap their order to Xbox One because of that ad?

Volkama1600d ago

They aren't trying to convince PS4 users in particular. They are trying to increase awareness that the game is available on the XBox.

With that in mind, I don't know if the campaign has been remotely successful or not. Everyone that visits the gaming websites that are covering the story already know about Destiny being multiplat.

If the ad extends beyond sites like this then it can be said that it is paying off.

nX1600d ago

They were the ones who started this crap (with CoD) and now they can't handle the consequences - pathethic indeed.

GiggMan1600d ago

I can't wait to see Sony advertise Advanced Warfare, the card game.

Then have a size note saying that they couldn't advertise the game as usual. But, you can get a better version of the game and potentially play with 5 million more people. Lol

Kidmyst1600d ago

Only time will tell if it pays off. The title says it's already paying off but because people talk about the game and it's trending doesn't mean it's payinf off for MSFT, Unless retailers start seeing XBone sales go up. Most gamers who know about Destiny know if they are getting it or not and on which system. For those who don't pay attention and Destiny sneaks up on them, then this advert might help if they own an Xbone.

Kidmyst1600d ago

Only time will tell if it pays off. The title says it's already paying off but because people talk about the game and it's trending doesn't mean it's paying off for MSFT, Unless retailers start seeing XBone sales go up. Most gamers who know about Destiny know if they are getting it or not and on which system. For those who don't pay attention and Destiny sneaks up on them, then this advert might help if they own an Xbone.

Death1600d ago

Depends on who those 5 million people are...

FITgamer1600d ago

They need to do something. The PS4 Destiny bundle hasn't even released yet and it's already tracking better than the Kinect-less Xbox One on Amazon's "Best of 2014". It's gonna be a bloodbath.

u got owned1600d ago

So much salt on this threads

wsoutlaw871600d ago

The only people who are going to know about this is people who already know about destiny on the xbo so sadly for them, i dont really think its accomplishing much.

MeliMel1600d ago

Why exactly would Microsoft be salted about Destiny?

I hope you guys have great replies.

Edit: I read some articles online that MS had first dibs on Destiny. Dont know how serious the talks were but they had their chance. BtW, doesnt MS have a small stake in Bungie still? Lol......yep theyll be salting all the way to the bank..

darthv721600d ago

People are going to want to know if maybe MS will actually release this exclusive fragrance. that would be a trinket worth having.

gangsta_red1600d ago

The only salt I see are from the sony fanboys who actually want to believe this game is a Sony exclusive.

Once again, they blow up this nonsense and make a big deal out of nothing. While at the same time defending Sony like sheep.

Pogmathoin1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

This is a great advert, brilliantly crafted. But it will easily be seen as a negative. Just hope fairness is applied when judging what is trolling and what is right. Seen many negative things about MS on this topic left alone, while anyone who seems to bring up the P and the S and a number in a slightly dark way will be tagged......

Darth, then you will see the 'fragrance is good when sony says so' ad.....

spicelicka1599d ago

Yea and i'm sure millions of Xbox users are gonna switch to ps4 just because it has more preorders.

Dee_911599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Then even if it does extend beyond sites, will anybody actually get it? This targets a small group of people that are on the internet and doesn't know that destiny will be on XBOX, because anybody not keeping up with whats on what will have no clue what this is about.
It just seems like to me MSFT got angry because the fans called them out on the Tomb Raider thing, and this was an attempt to say this Destiny on ps4 is sort of the same thing... well its completely different considering Destiny is releasing on the same date on both platforms.. but you kind of get my point..
Regardless I think its funny.. not one of those laughing with you type of funny but more so laughing at you type of funny... I don't know, maybe a bit of both.

Eddie201011599d ago

Microsoft have had deals for exclusive advertising on games since the beginning of Xbox 360, seems they can't act mature when the shoe is on the other foot.


WilDRangeRfc1599d ago

Sony takes potshots at MS all the time Andrew House is a disgrace,I own both so I don't really care but what goes around comes around,so I suppose the game sharing thing at E3 2013 was ok,Phil Spencer shows nothing but respect to Sony and Sony just jibe and troll,that troll House did it again at this E3 upgrade from 360 to PS4 version of GTA V anyone,I'm glad MS finally decided to act like Sony

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aconnellan1600d ago

I think the marketing itself is clever, but the reasoning behind it does seem a bit like Microsoft's complaining about being left behind.

That being said, I don't agree with marketing multiplatform games in the same vein as exclusives (something I've always held against Microsoft with CoD)

Death1600d ago

Both companies are marketing to gamers that haven't picked up a new console yet. The company with more exposure can potentially pick up more sales if the game is indeed a system seller. Sony knew this which is why they bought the excluse rights to advertise. Contrary to what some believe, this isn't a new practice Sony picked up to get back at Microsoft. It's been awhile since Sony could afford to do this. Both companies use their marketing dollars the same way, allthough the perfume is new.

uptownsoul1600d ago

@Death Its been a while since Sony could afford to do this? Don't know where you been for the last 9+ months but Sony didn't need to do this type of thing and CoD:Ghosts, Madden, FIFA, and almost all other multi plats have sold better on PS4 than Xbox One

asadachi1600d ago

Aren't you the one who wrote this crappy opinion piece? Are you backtracking now?

ipach1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

what is there to agree or disagree with? that activision is cashing those checks or that sony/microsoft are writing them?

i don't find either side of the deal to be more 'wrong' than the other...

maybe gamers should complain to microsoft for not reaching into their wallets and making a better offer to activision and getting this kind of treatment for the Xbox platforms.

or better yet, not giving bungie better autonomy and a bigger budget in the first place when they practically had them as a first party studio...

and btw, i too, think the ad is pretty clever. and yes quite complainy...

k3rn3ll1599d ago

I would say if they were upset about it they wouldn't do anything to draw attention to the fact that they can't advertise destiny

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-Foxtrot1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

It's smart but it comes off kind of desperate in my opinion.

I never saw Sony react like this when Microsoft had all those adverts promoting multiplatform games as exclusive last gen. It's just business

Blaze9291600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

lol you all are such babies. It's desperate because Microsoft found a way to still win and actually have to spend no money to do so? For a game that's still hitting their system(s)?

grow up. You all are digging way too much into nothing. If this was sony everyone would be applauding them like that used game sharing skit from E3. Was that desperate or low? No.

Sony paid for exclusive content and advertising. MS said ok, change the product and keep the name - market that. Why would they LITERALLY sit around, and not market one of the biggest games of the year because a contract says they can't do so? LOL this is America - contract smontracts. If you a business and don't know how to get around contracts you have an issue.

It's a genius 1up and may change how exclusive deals go down in the future now.

If Sony does a CoD parody advert in November, i bet the tone will be much different.

@Loktai @-Foxtrot "What exactly did they still "Win"?" "Win? What the hell are you talking about win. I'm sorry I didn't know this was a game of Chess. "
uhh, that's exactly what business is. a game of chess. you always gotta be ahead of your competitor.

How is it a win? you thinking win in terms of something else I'm quite sure. It's a win because they were told they can't do something, and still ended up doing it - just in a different way that can get them into no trouble with little to no financial loss.

How is that NOT a win? I don't expect you to comprehend. SO it's ok

Loktai1600d ago


What exactly did they still "Win"?
All this really does is give existing
xbox fanboys a hard-on and makes the
rest of us chuckle and shake our heads.

-Foxtrot1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )


Win? What the hell are you talking about win. I'm sorry I didn't know this was a game of Chess.

Digging into nothing? I've wrote a line and a bit, that's hardly digging into something, the only person here digging is you.

My, really take offence to things like this.

Deep breaths

"i bet the tone will be much different"

Well probably, because Microsoft already set the stage for a counter attack.

xHeavYx1600d ago

You accuse people of acting like babies and telling them to grow up, while defending MS like a sheep, irony much?

Tony-A1600d ago



With all due respect, you summed up exactly why stories like this continue to gain ground. Both parties are reading a bit too much into it. While MS may very well be putting this out there as a "salty attack" of sorts, I don't think their motive was "win" anything. What the hell are they winning? They haven't won a damn thing this entire generation. What it does positively for them is make people aware of another version. Will this sell units? You're g**damn right it won't. But those few people who have an XBO and somehow didn't know this existed for it will now probably pick up a copy.

This does nothing for or against Sony. If they decide to do the same thing for COD, I doubt the tone will be different in the way you think it will. Most of us will know by then that it was a response to what MS is doing now and everyone will say "okay, expected." End of story. Besides, after 5+ years of MS doing exclusive COD marketing, you'd have to be brain-dead to not know it's multi-platform.

Death1600d ago

"All this really does is give existing
xbox fanboys a hard-on and makes the
rest of us chuckle and shake our heads."

This is alot of the problem that many here face. Let this sink in, you are not the center of the universe.

Once you recover from that earth shattering realization keep reading.

Sony didn't buy exclusive marketing and content as a way of thanking people that own a PS4. There are actually other people that exist that don't have one yet. I know 10 million is a big number and numbers can be both scary and confusing, but there are more people out there. Those are the people Sony is trying to make aware that Destiny is being released on their console. If they have exclusive rights to the marketing, they can also make it look like their console is the only one which may confuse new buyers that want the game and aren't sure which console to get. It's a solid marketing tactic that both companies use.

Microsoft wants exposure too since Destiny is also being released on their console. It's more of that crazy marketing stuff that no longer applies to those that own a console.

So no, this isn't to give fanboys on either side a "hard on" or chuckle out of ignorance because they have no idea what marketing is or who it's aimed at. You are a number, one of 10 million, not one of the other few billion that are being targeted by this.

coolvibu931599d ago

Not desperate. Smart and funny. Kind a like a tongue in cheek. Sony probably didnt do things like that because they didn't think about it first.

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Mikelarry1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

i already cancelled my ps4 pre-order and switched to xbox version /s

NegativeCreep4271600d ago

Yeah I did too...then I woke up.

badz1491600d ago


what a nightmare, ha?


noctis_lumia1599d ago

have fun playing this on the crappiest console wit hless exclusive content and map and ofc with the worst community of the two

Mikelarry1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Damn! some of you don't get sarcasm even after adding /S at the end of the comment

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marlinfan101600d ago

You know whats even more pathetic? The reaction from the fanboys on the opposite side

Fizzler1600d ago

Sony's been taking shots at MS since the beginning of this gen, and this site is always saying how funny and deserving their subtle remarks are, but when MS does something, it's not funny at all and it's actually offensive.
What the hell?

jrshankill1600d ago

Well said good sir. Bubbled up.

I am enjoying the taste of the tears though. Yummy.

Concertoine1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )


This isnt desperate nor pathetic. Its a funny half-solution to a genuine problem: one of the biggest games of the decade being advertised solely for the competition. The fact that people are coming in here saying "cancelled ps4 pre- order /s" and getting agrees in spades is what's pathetic. They have managed to completely miss the point of this ad, to make people aware not to steal sales.

What a bunch of sensitive wusses these people are. People just took offense to a fake perfume ad, for crying out loud. This website sickens me with its hivemind sometimes.

Dewitt1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Microsoft was smart enough to find a loophole. Sony never was or obviously they would have exploited it. Agree 100% with the cheap shots from Sony this gen, then Phil congratulates them. Difference between these two companies direction at the present time. Also, I want to smash Andrew House's face in, I hate that smug asshole so much.

user95970821600d ago

Couldn't agree more.
I've never seen such negativity that compares to what Sony fanboys wield.

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towelie12881600d ago

its pretty funny actually calm down
get off your high horse for a second.

jdaboss1600d ago Show
mhunterjr1600d ago

What's so pathetic about it? It's a freaking joke. It's about as light-hearted a concept as it gets. What's pathetic is how sensitive gamers are. Why does it hurt your feels that MS wants people to know about the xbox version of the game?

I'm sure Sony isn't crying over this, why should you be?

JeffGUNZ1600d ago

It's for humor people, relax. Why is everyone so defensive? This late in the game, most series gamers have this game already pre-ordered and pre-loaded.

GTgamer1600d ago

I don't know how people talking about MS Destiny fragrance equals more people buying destiny for Xbox one since people already locked down their pre orders and the game comes out next week but hey keep thinking this changes anything.

Volkama1600d ago

It is not for the pre-order crowd. It is for the less informed crowd that are about to get blitzed with a "Buy a PS4, you can play this hot new game!" ad campaign.

ThinkThink1600d ago

I haven't pre-ordered my copy yet. Why would i? It's not like they are going to run out of digital copies. Nobody I know pre-orders games anymore. I thought this was kind of funny and funny usually gets my money.

Aceman181600d ago

Meh I still associate it with PS4 lol.

SonofGod1600d ago

If Sony did something like this it would have been "funny" and "innovative".

Or if Sony had DRM (which they had originally but they backtracked when they saw what happened to MS) in the beginning and MS made a Xbox used game instructional video people would have said:

"Oooh that is so pathetic!" "That's low!" "Typical MS!"

k3rn3ll1599d ago

Or when Sony was applauded for being upfront about their games at gamescom after the backlash against tomb raider. Even though in every conference of every year before this year Sony announced the same kind of way as every one in the industry.

The way people act like they are revolutionizing the industry is apalling. They are just waiting for the trolls to cry out against MS, and pouncing. Careful tho man, I've lost bubbles before for saying that DRM was going to be industry wide but Sony changed after MS conference last year. Even though this was done to satisfy publishers people think MS did it for themselves

Consoldtobots1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

if I were Sony I would be firing up the legal cauldrons so I can take MS to the cleaners for violating an exclusive marketing contract between 3rd parties.

it is all fun and games after all.

1600d ago Replies(3)
ramiuk11600d ago

yet more embarassing stuff from MS.
its ok for them to constantly go on about maps for cod coming 1st etc but they cant handle the fact nobody gives a shit about there parity clause and that devs are shifting towards sony

Death1600d ago

Indies are shifting towards Sony, not "devs" in general. EA Access, Sunset Overdrive and Tomb Raider are shifting towards Microsoft. EA Access was refused by Sony since it competes with their services, Sunset and TR because Microsoft helped fund development. As a gamer, I would rather see more games that actually use the hardware than indies which are mainly a low risk cash grab flooding the market.

coolvibu931599d ago

Its a damn tongue in cheek joke. Its embarassing that you guys are taking it that seriously. Its only meant to remind already xbox one owners about the game. Calm down

mcarsehat1600d ago

It isn't there to convince anyone. It's to say to the Xbox One owners "hey, we're still here, you can buy Destiny on your Xboxes. Don't listen to Sony."

That's all.

Buff10441600d ago

Had Sony done it, the attitude here would be different.

MRMagoo1231599d ago

Yes the xbone fanboys would be saying Sony is trash and to "stay classy" and they smell desperation and salt, but it's MS so it's "funny" or "smart" .

Consoldtobots1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

had sony done it they would be on the phone with Ms lawyers right now

pingthing1600d ago

MS may have only intended to antagonize the haters. Erm, did it work?

Gamer19821600d ago

Thing is Sony could easily sue for this as they do have exclusive rights to advertisements.Its not exactly advertising the game but its on the lines.

nachokingp1600d ago

I think it's rather clever myself, although Activision and Sony's lawyers may not agree.

FanboyKilla1599d ago

Lmfao!! nice one ms. Clever. Like me. Lol

@antbolt89 i think sony looks pathetic, grasping on to destiny like it isnt on every console under the sun lol. The best place to play destiny is ps4 lol. The game is the same on all platforms. Its your choice.

Sony, your fanboys already seem brain washed. I dont think its going to work on the rest of us. Lol

Bytor1599d ago

Call Of Duty the only place to play which is a flat out lie.

reko1599d ago


youre clever? nah youre dumb as a rock, who said you were smart? LOL